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Virtual Clearance Sale--Under Construciton

To see my selection of discontinued and discounted workshop on the go kits click here!

Our kids are rapidly growing up and leaving home to pursue college, missions, and marriage.   Good news for you is that I am purging all of my discontinued items to help support their ventures!!  The items featured on this page are 50% off plus flat shipping. All items are bundled together to fit in a flat rate US Post Office box.  I am also offering up old artwork!!  I will remove each item from this page when it is sold, and will be adding items as quickly as I can so check back often!!  Some of these items are one of a kind--no longer available......  Get them while you can!!  All bundles sold as is, no exchanges, no returns, no substitutions, priced as is.

90% percent of each item will go toward college expenses for the two boys that are still at home with  me and 10% will go to to help a customer with her daily challenges because I also believe in support the community that supports me.  

Please make sure you tell me which box you want on paypal because even though it is labeled, the label does not come back to me, ONLY the amount via paypal.  THANKS!!  

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Email--  My cell phone is (702) 432-7488 if you have any questions!!

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