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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Exciting News!!

Today begins a brand new Essentials CTMH New Consultant Kit with brand new exciting products~
OR If you have previously been a consultant & wish to sign up again, you have the choice to purchase our Welcome Back Kit for just $49 by signinig up with your previous email at, just make sure that you choose me as your upline--Kimberly Moss ID#1148!

Contents of the New $129 Consultant Kit Include:
• Zoe B&T Duos™ Bulk Pack (BULK369, qty 1)
• White Daisy Cardstock (1385, qty 1)
• Whisper Cardstock (X5929, qty 1)
• Glacier Cardstock (X5770, qty 1)
• Sorbet Exclusive Inks™ Pad (Z2164, qty 2)
• Glacier Exclusive Inks™ Pad (Z2641, qty 2)
• Slate Exclusive Inks™ Pad (Z2173, qty 2)
• Aqua Shimmer Trim (Z3086, qty 2)
• Grey Enamel Gems (Z3089, qty 2)
• My Acrylix® So Many Smiles (C1619, qty 2)
• My Acrylix® In Review (C1622, qty 2)
• My Acrylix® My Story (B1482, qty 2)
• White Cards & Envelopes Value Pack (X254, qty 1)
• Medium Organizer (Z4139, qty 1)
• 2" × 6½" My Acrylix® Block (Y1010, qty 2)
• 3" × 3" My Acrylix® Block (Y1006, qty 2)
• Non-stick Micro-tip Scissors (Z1836, qty 2)
• My Acrylix® Stamp Scrubber (Z1782, qty 2)
• My Acrylix® Spritz Cleaner (1778, qty 1)
• Bonding Memories™ Glue (1512, qty 2)
• 3-D Foam Tape (Z1151, qty 1)
• Round Sponge (Z697, qty 1)
• Customer Order Forms (W101C, qty 1, 25 per pack)
• Annual Inspirations (WC1161C, qty 10)
• Holiday Expressions (WCS1161C, qty 10)
• Cardstock Color Sampler (W1136, qty 1)
• Paper Fundamentals Sampler (W1137, qty 1)
• Annual Inspirations B&T Duos™ Sampler (W1138, qty 1)
• My Acrylix® Petite Perks™ Tribal Circles (W2032, qty 3)
• Idea Book Postcard (W1129, qty 1)
• Desk Pad (W1140, qty 1)
(Some items may not be shown. Contents are subject to change without notice.)
Items shown represent contents of New Consultant Kits ordered between 1 August 2015 and 30 November 2015. Contents are subject to change without notice, and change regularly based on product and collateral availability. Shipping and handling and applicable taxes apply.

Business Building Essentials $49 Returning Consultant Kit
Customer Order Forms (W101C, qty 25)
Annual Idea Books (WC1161C, qty 10)
Holiday Expressions (WCS1161C, qty 10)
Cardstock Sampler (W1136)
Paper Fundamentals Sampler (W1137)
Annual Inspirations B&T Duos Sampler (W1138)
Petite Perks Incentive Stamp Set (W2032)
Idea Book Postcard (W1129)
Desk Pad (W1140)

Our Annual Idea Book (September 2015-August 2016) was released at convention. CTMH made some improvements to the book, and the biggest is what I got the most excited about! All the holiday stuff is out of the book as well as the Stamp of the Month (SOM). This makes the book more appealing all year long! So how do we get holiday product you ask? CTMH will now have 3"Seasonal Expressions" (Supplement) and each Seasonal Expressions will have a 4 month life span. This means for the entire life of the annual book you will always have an Expressions Supplement too! I couldn’t be happier! Of course the first issue will cover the fall holidays, beginning Sept. 1 for Customers, Aug. 1 for consultants! The SOMs will be included in the Expressions too
With the debut of both a new 2015–2016 Annual Inspirations idea book and a 2015 Holiday Expressions idea book, now is a better time than ever to be a Close To My Heart Consultant. These new idea books feature diverse products geared toward all kinds of memory keepers—from traditional scrapbookers and cardmakers to pocket scrapbookers and papercrafting enthusiasts. We have also made additions to the My Legacy™ album line that perfectly align with all kinds of scrapbookers and their needs. To celebrate these releases, we’re offering you an unprecedented opportunity: For a limited time only, you can sign up as a Close To My Heart Consultant AND receive a special Essentials New Consultant Kit for only $49 USD plus shipping and handling! Additionally, once you are approved as a new Consultant, you can order from the new idea books early as part of the August Consultant preview period. Plus, you’ll receive 22% commission on all your purchases!

And with the 22% commission you will earn after being approved as a new Consultant, you can purchase any additional supplies you need for Gatherings and workshops at a great price!
To take part in this special offer, visit the Be a Consultant page under the What We Do tab and sign up with the same email address you used the first time you were a Consultant. (It’s also the same email address at which you received this email). You need to use the same email address from your previous Consultant account in order to be eligible for this special opportunity—so hurry! This special offer expires at 12:01 am MDT on September 1, 2015.
I also have firstline team members on my team that are looking to grow and support their teams that I can help you get in touch with if you would like a local first upline in OH, TN, CA, AZ, NM, WA, KS, MO, and TX. I’d love to see you stay on our team! If you want the $49, business essentials kit, then you will need to change the upline name to one of their names if you want a local upline, so please contact me for their name and consultant ID. If you want to resign up under me, then you can change the name to Kimberly Moss, ID 1148.
I will send an exclusive base and bling necklace to every one of you that signs under me or someone in my firstline as a special welcome back to our team.
Members that sign on our team receive the benefit of being on one of the oldest, biggest, and highest producing teams in the company, our sales are over 1.5 million each year! When you sign up with my firstline you are invited not only to my team meetings but my upline, Karen Morris’s team meetings as well, so you will have three lines of support to draw from! In addition to online team meetings, convention team meetings, and local team meetings, we hold crops, and stamp camps.
Here’s more new information:
* We have a new Cricut Collection to add to the other four! The name is Artistry and includes 3 exclusive stamp sets and cardstock along with the cartridge. This is something consultants can already order! I can’t wait to get my hands on mine and play!
* Our Enchantment color pallet has been updated! Nine colors were retired and replaced by new colors. The 3 colors that survived the cut are Goldrush, Ruby, and NE Ivy. Pull out your book to see the colors leaving August 31. Some I am so sad to see go, but most have been around since I joined 24 years ago! Check the retired list and "while supplies last" on my site.
* New training videos in the works, more resources to make our “job” easier, and we still have the FREE websites!
* More paper packs, updated complements, lots of embellishments, new tools, and more – all great things to be excited about! The artwork in the book is FABULOUS!
* More beautiful project artwork with instructions to share with customers or create for yourself! (Cards and/or scrapbook pages). Makes doing a class super simple.
* Brand new Idea Books available now to Consultants, and Sept 1 on my website ( for customers. Or contact me for your very own complimentary copy.
If you have questions, want to talk, or need more information, give me a call! I would love the opportunity to work with you again and find out how we can make it a fun, successful, and rewarding endeavor for you.
I have an active Team Facebook group exclusively for my entire team to give you a place of connection, help, challenges and support! And if joining ctmh and my ctmh team again is not right for you at this time visit my website, and sign up for my monthly CTMH newsletter. Both sites will keep you informed of all things CTMH.

Prospective Consultant FAQs
How much does it cost to get started?
The current new consultant kit costs just $129 (plus tax and shipping) and includes an abundance of business and creative products worth over $400. The application process is simple and you can find it on my website by clicking on the “What We Do” tab on the home page
FOR AUGUST ONLY- If you are a former consultant with Close to My Heart, you are eligible to re-join for just $49. This includes a modified version of the kit. This Essentials New Consultant Kit includes 10 each of the new Annual Idea Book and Holiday Expressions supplement, updated business supplies, sample rings of cardstock and the Zoe Workshop on the Go.
What is my commission?
Your base commission on your personal sales is 22%. Additional commissions can be earned and are based on your monthly personal sales level. If you build a team of consultants, you are also eligible to earn commissions based on the sales generated by your team.
Is there a minimum sales requirement?
Yes…the minimum sales requirement is just $300 in retail sales per calendar quarter (Jan.-March, Apr.-June, etc.) Note that as a new consultant, you are responsible for the minimum sales quota beginning with your first FULL quarter. For example, if you become a consultant in August, the minimum is waived for the July-Sept. quarter, but you will be required to meet the minimum during the Oct.-Dec. calendar quarter.
What happens if I don’t meet my minimum sales quota?
Consultants who do not meet the $300 minimum sales quota become former consultants and leave the company.
What if I am looking to work part-time as a consultant?
There are CTMH consultants working at many different levels. You may simply want to have a workshop or two each month, do parties on a weekly basis, work forty hours a week, or anything in between. You and two friends can order $30 a month. You can easily maintain your sales requirements to get the full 22% base commission and build your business to meet your own goals.
What business tools are available from Close to My Heart?
When you become a consultant with CTMH, you are automatically eligible for an Online Business Address (OBA) at no additional charge. This presence on the web is the place for customers to order product and/or apply to become a consultant. This OBA is available to all levels of consultants.
In addition, if you choose to participate, a newsletter will be sent by corporate to your customers on your behalf each month. The newsletter is available at no charge.
What business training is available?
From Close to My Heart:
Close to My Heart has some of the most comprehensive training tools available! As a new consultant, you will receive the weekly Start with Heart newsletter for the first 7 weeks. This email publication gives you suggested activities and step-by-step instructions to accomplish those goals.
In addition, CTMH has an extensive selection of online classes in business, creative, leadership, and personal development categories. You will enjoy being able to take these short classes to help you grow your business.
On the consultant side of the CTMH website, you will find updates, flyers, images, projects, and much more that is available for you to use. There is also a bulletin board community on the website on which you can share business and creative ideas.
Close to My Heart hosts an annual convention along with periodic regional events. All events feature the latest information and ideas along with business and creative training.
What if I live a distance from you?
I am always a phone call or email away and you will be included in all of my communications. If you prefer a closer upline, I can place you with someone on my firstline that is closer in proximity to you so that you can attend local team meetings.
Is there creative training available?
Absolutely! Meetings and events always feature creative projects and the CTMH online training includes a variety of creative classes. One of the bulletin boards on the consultant website is reserved for artwork ideas and another features patterns and templates shared by fellow consultants.
What kind of incentives does CTMH offer?
Straight to the Top:
As a new consultant, you can take advantage of the Straight to the Top opportunity. If you reach $1200 in commissionable sales (sales are denoted as retail sales) in your first three months as a Consultant, your Consultant Kit (minus shipping & handling) will be refunded to you in your commissions.
Constant Campaigns:
Each month, Close to My Heart offers a campaign that may focus on sales, recruiting, or perhaps a special offer for your customers or hostesses. Each campaign is designed to help you grow your business in one of these areas.
Stamp of the Month:
The Stamp of the Month campaign has long been a popular and ongoing sales tool for every consultant. Each month CTMH has an exclusive stamp set that can be purchased outright or can be purchased for just $5.00 when a customer places a qualifying $50 order.
Cruise/Trip Opportunity:
If you are a business builder then you may want to jump in and set your sights on earning a cruise/trip with Close to My Heart. It is truly an experience to be able to say that you earned a vacation for doing what you love with CTMH!

Wishing you the best!
Kimberly Moss
(702) 432-7488

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