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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Looking for some awesome papercrafting friends? Join our team!!

Look at the amazing achievements these ladies made during the last 12 months by doing something they love!! My team, Stamper's with an Attitude is featured on 2.27, we are celebrating their achievements in team sales, personal sales, and recruiting. To see the fun we have together and celebrate our friendships, watch the vintage team photos scroll at 6.39. Karen Morris compiled this video for her team meeting at our When You Wish Convention in Anaheim. Our Stamper's with an Attitude Team is #4 on the Dream Team in Sales-WAY TO GO Ladies!!

I was featured a lot more photos than I would like, in fact there were a few photos of me that I had never seen. My team members may see some photos of that will surprise them! :) Enjoy!!

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