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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Studio J Rocks my World!!

I am loving how easy it is to create layouts with my Studio J membership. I created these layouts all in a couple of hours using the NEW design templates exclusively for customers with memberships. To find out more about Studio J or to use it FREE, click here!  I've had these photos since the summer of 2007 waiting to scrapbook with traditional paper but since there were SO many photos of this fabulous vacation, I kept putting it off.  With Studio J it was a SNAP to record the vacation.  I had the entire 9 days done in two sittings!! Here are just a few of the layouts I did in about an hour!! Now my kids can enjoy the members and remember the fun and love!! (I'm REALLY loving the fact that one of the new features of Studio J is that you get jpegs of the layouts--usually within an hour of placing your order--so that your art is easy to share quickly.)

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