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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Director's Dinner Cruise

Close to My Heart treated all the Director's to a fabulous night! They planned to take us on buses to a surprise Odyssey Dinner cruise. However, the bed laid, plans, even PAID for, sometimes go awry. The buses did not show up! The events team scrambled and somehow magically managed to get tons of taxis to appear out of nowher at the last second to whisk us to the dock. Unfortunately some of the cab drivers (ours) had no idea WHERE they were going. Our cabbie roared out of the Gaylord parking lot with his windows down going 70 mph. I was sure as I was bouncing around the backseat with Karen Morris that he was determined to be the first cab at the marina. Phil WIlhelm was in the front seat taking picture of us (I was sure Phil wanted to commeorate our last moments in case we didnt live through the experience). It was soon apparent that the cab driver had no idea where we were going. Karen, my ever resourceful upline, called Monica and got directions, and soon our cab driver stopped at a deserted seedy location and announced we had arrived to "get out." We looked around dubiously for our CTMH friends and didn't see ANYONE and refused to get out (LOL). I think Phil even locked the doors. Karen got on her cell phone to Monica and Phil got on his cell phone to Brianna (what WOULD we do withour our cell phones?) Brianna saved the day as she ran her cell phone over to her taxi driver who told our cabbie driver his GPS directions (thank heaven for technology). We arrived (LATE) but safely (except for our hairdos) at the RIGHT dock! (Our photo shows how disheleved and HOT we were from the drive at 70 mph with the windows down in the middle of a heat wave in Washington, DC with a crazy cab driver! The story gets better though, unbeknowst to us, Monica had to BEG the captain of the ship to hold the boat for our cab and two other cabs that ended up in Alexandria, VA, and he wasn't happy. Thanks bunches to Monica and the entire events team for planning and saving our dinner cruise for us, it was fabulous and extremely yummy! At our seats we each had a fan from Oddyssey Cruise line along with a stamp set and card from Jeanette. We got to enjoy a plated meal and choose from four appetizers, four main dishes, and four desserts. Karen Morris and I both chose a shrimp and scallop melange, mojito salmon, and a peach, berry cobbler for desert. The cruise went down the Potomac River past the George Washington Masonic National Monument, U.S. Naval Research Laboratory, Old Town Alexandria, a Torpedo Factory, the Jefferson Memorial, Washington Monument, Curtis Lee Mansion, Lincoln Memorial, John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Watergate Hotel, Roosevelt Island, and Arlington Cemetery. When we exited the boat our waiters gave us a strawberry handdipped in chocolate! YUM!! Somehow the events team had lined up a new line of buses to take us home or on a drive around the National Mall. Close to My Heart thinks of everything to make the directors feel special! WOW!!


  1. Sounds like you had quite the adventure getting to dinner that evening. I especially liked it when the cab driver said 'get out' in a seedy area that was obviously NOT your destination. lol

  2. LOL Sheila! THANKS! It was funny, I was thinking at the time, what are we dong to do if he MAKES us get out, I mean, how many people REFUSE to get out of a cab? LOL!!


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