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Friday, July 16, 2010

Being a Director is #1

It's so stinking fun to be a Director/Executive Director, ALL of the time, but ESPECIALLY at Close to My Heart Events. As Directors we had our own registration kiosk! We had our own entry door to the general session room, complete with red carpet!

I am an executive director, so my name tag came on a hand beaded lanyard. It was BEAUTIFUL!! LOVE IT!!

In general sessions we have reserved seating. The convention theme this year is "Picture This" so they put our pictures on our seats (alphabetical order). Executive Directors get front row, center seats!   FUN!!  They have the best ideas!

In addition, all executive directors were invited to a presidential luncheon with Jeanette.  We were presented with these beautiful handmade bracelets made especially for convention with the convention logos.  It was so nice to be in an intimate setting with Jeanette with a special luncheon, let alone a beautiful gift!!

In addition, Sr. Executive Directors got a TON of new products at the opening ceremony!  I can't wait to be one again!  They were showered with gifts!!  Close to My Heart is so good to us!

After the opening ceremony all the consultants go to go get their Convention bags, all of us with the title of director and above got our bags delivered to us in our seats.  (The keynote speaker said she saw these bags on Rodeo Drive but I doubt it since they are lined with custom lining that says Close to My Heart.  They are roomy, at least 24" wide!!)  Our bags were designated Director's as they had a vineyard berry scarf with a bling crown pendant on them and the new catalog inside!  Close to  My Heart really treated us like queens!  :)

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