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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Cherry-O Level 1 Scrapbook Pages

This class is simply a Level 1 kit, and some 3-D Foam Tape, and your favorite adhesive!

I used Cherry-O to scrapbook the night I first met Harry's family, it was my birthday, we went to Utah. They surprised me with a party (how embarrassing to meet your inlaws at a party for yourself? LOL! They even got me a carrot cake, I LOVE carrot cake (with nuts). YUMMY!!

The other two pages I used to showcase the days of our early marriage. We all took Tai Kwon Do from Master Gietelman in Summerlin. I was sore every single week, it KILLED my knees but it was fun! I really enjoyed those nights with the family but the kids didn't want to take them anymore, my knees were relieved, but I miss those days when I wasn't teaching, I was staying home, doing Close to My Heart parties and enjoying life, it wasn't as crazy as it is now!

Whenever I look at these pictures of Harry my heart melts.  Even after the last four years of struggles in life, I still think he's a good-looking guy, he's my hunk of burning love husband! <3 

To duplicate these pages, simply order the Cherry-O Level 1 Kit X7123A and 3-D Foam Tape Z1151, for a total of $15.90 for FOUR pages and you'll have leftover 3-D foam and texture papers!! :)

Buy Nowpicked up at Kim's home (You can complete the page at my home on June 15, 7:00 p.m. or at any Girl's Night Out!)
Buy Now shipped to your home

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