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Monday, April 5, 2010

Caboodle Kit

Caboodle Kit of the Month
April 28, 6:30
preorder your kit by April 14

Photos are shown using materials in the BEST KIT!!*** Scroll down to see a slideshow of all four pages!

Basic Kit Buy Now

Item # Product Cost
G1004 Caboodle Basic Workshop Kit (includes):
Caboodle Level 2 Paper Packet ($12.95)
My Acrylix® This Way ($13.95)
Dimensional Elements Booksmart ($4.95)
Workshop Guide ($1.00) $29.95
Retail Value: $32.85
You Pay: $29.95

**Best Option = Basic Kit + Accessories Buy Now

Item # Product Cost
G1004 Caboodle Basic Workshop Kit $29.95
Z1271 Tiny Tabs $3.95
Z1125 Designer Ribbon Rounds™ Sweet Leaf Collection $7.95
You Pay: $41.85

Required Tools (These tools will be provided for you when you attend a workshop at my home but you may want to add them to your order so that you can have your own. If you are completing the kit at your own home you will need these materials):
Item # Product Cost
E1015 My Acrylix® Cocktail Alphabet $34.95
Z2117 Crystal Blue Exclusive Inks® Pad $5.25
Z2164 Sorbet Exclusive Inks® Pad $5.25
Z2153 Sweet Leaf Exclusive Inks® Pad $5.25
Z2169 Vanilla Cream Exclusive Inks® Pad $6.95
Z697 Sponge $1.25
Y1000 1" × 1" My Acrylix® Block $3.95
Y1001 1" × 1 1/2" My Acrylix® Block $4.50
Y1009 2" × 3 1/2" My Acrylix® Block $7.50

The journaling is NOT shown on my personal layouts.  My kids LOVE going to Floyd Lamb State Park.  When we first started going there it was WAY out in the boondocks, far away from everything.  Now it's hidden, surrounded by houses and hard to find.  We used to drag my dad out there to feed the ducks everytime he came to visit.  My kids always think of my dad when they feed ducks or go to that park.

I'm thinking that perhaps I  am going to have to put some hidden journaling on the Ely, Nevada, layout.  That trip was taken during a dark time in our lives.  No wonder my kids don't look very happy.  We love trains, all of us.  We'd been wanting to go on that trip for a long time, BUT when we were ready to go everything went wrong--the best laid plans!  The person we were going with had a disagreement with my oldest son from which my son hasn't ever really ever forgiven me for, our relationship hasn't been the same. THEY were both wrong.  I was newly bifrocated (messy divorce) and didn't realize YET that when you are divorced and kids complain that the other side in an ugly divorce will feed on any complaints and egg them on and make the situation worse and compound any and all problems.  When I look at photos of Tyler during that time he always looks so UNHAPPY, it breaks my heart.  I rack my brain to see what I could've done to ease his way during those years.  I was doing the best I could to raise four young children on my own, struggling through life as a single working Mom and I made a lot of mistakes, most of them on HIM as he is the oldest child.  I've ALWAYS lived by the thought that you make the best of any situation.  I probably should have cancelled the trip but plans were made and I thought they BOTH should have gotten over it, I was so WRONG.  I wish I would've stayed home and done something else now, but I didn't and I can't change the fact now.  The good thing about waiting to scrapbook events is that if you don't like the people you can either crop them out or leave out some of the pictures!  LOL!!.  It took me this long to scrapbook this trip because I do have some bad memories, maybe I shouldn't have scrapbooked the trip at all, but maybe my kids have a better memory of the event than I, perhaps I shouldn't journal MY memory of it at all.  LOL!!  That's why there isn't any journaling there.....

That person made ALL of us miserable for the entire trip, but you would THINK that the rest of us could enjoy ourselves and enjoy one selfish person??  We did have some fun MOMENTS.  We swam in an indoor hotel pool and hot tubbed and watched a Will Smith movie in the hotel in Elko.  We swam in another hotel pool in Ely.  I remember me and my kids loading up the car by ourselves.  You know that old saying about one spoiled apple??  One selfish person can sure put a damper on an entire trip.  I've been on vacation with a lot of different friends as well as men that I've dated.  It soon became one of my top criteria for men I would marry criteria.  When I met Harry I made him go on a trip with us before I would marry him to see if he was fun on a vacation or not.  He passed the test!  Harry is very fun on vacations. 

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