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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Stamp Camp Sedona 2010 Day 1

Our team celebrated our 14th Annual Stamper's with an Attitude Team Retreat in Sedona, AZ.

Consultants from Kansas, Nevada, and Arizona met in Sedona, AZ, for the weekend at Hampton Inn. I can't say enough good things about this hotel! I booked it sight unseen and was a bit frightened about the fact. I discussed it with my stamp camp coaches and we decided to go on pure faith from the pictures on their website and our experience with Hampton Inns. The room we usually get in Flagstaff was booked, this room was the same size and half the price so we jumped on it. We decided to go on an adventure and explore Sedona!! We are super glad we did.

The staff was super friendly!! When I walked in the front door (at 11:00 p.m) the front desk clerk (Chris) asked me, "Are you Kim?" I said, "YES, why? Do I have a bad rep already?" He laughed, and said, "No, I've just been expecting you." He showed me a map and told me where all the stamp camp girls were staying, told me he liked my truck, to get in my "attitude" truck (apparently he checked out my license plate), told me where to park, where our meeting room was, etc. The girls were amazed the next day because he remembered our names. He continued to baby us the whole weekend by making us chocolate chip cookies and setting aside plates of cookies for us and delivering them to our meeting room, giving suggestions for our photo scavenger hunt, and places to eat. Robert, the desk clerk on duty when we left, told us that all the staff enjoyed our visit, especially Chris--LOL!! We enjoyed our time with them as well.

One of the fun, crazy things we always do at any event is roommate gifts. Here are some great roommate gift ideas:

The coaches meet an hour prior to the starting time for stamp camp so that we can get the room set up. We set up the room and on Day 1 each consultant came into the room and found at her spot:
A desk pad paper
Stamp Camp 2010 BLING tee--awesome, THANKS TRISH!!
My Creations Journal, $7.95
Clear Sparkles, $2.95
Soft Suede Pinwheels, $5.95
Notepad & Pen from Kim
Sour Creme container from Mandy filled with jelly beans and chocolate
Tootsie Pop Necklace from Sue (when you say STAMP you have to give it up, the person with the most necklaces at the end of stamp camp you get a prize) Oh, and you guessed it, I was the FIRST to loose my necklace! (I think Sue rigged it so that I would lose mine first during the team meeting).
Nametags, made by Kim to match our fabulous shirts
Clapper to celebrate
We start the camp with a team meeting where we do introductions, an on time drawing, recognition, business card drawing, on time drawing, card exchange and a business meeting. Here are the two winning cards. My card won (hollyhock), but I feel bad about that because I copied/altered/stamp lifted Lisa Steinz's card because I TOTALLY loved it and then it WON!! So I gave the prize to 2nd place, Janice Hodgkin (Love)

I bring lots of prizes--the girls love prizes. I give out tickets for random wacky things like if you are wearing a toe ring (remnant from a Dallas convention where they held me down and put a toe ring on me, now you have to wear one to CTMH events to earn tickets) as well as business builders like participating in the card exchange, wearing logo wear, meeting minimums, adding a team member, etc. We do drawings all weekend long.

We also do a gift exchange. The gift exchange is optional. Everyone brings up to three handmade gifts made with Close to My Heart products and I put them all in brown paper bags and staple them shut so no one knows who brought what, they put a ticket for each gift they brought into a basket and throughout the weekend I randomly pull names out to choose a bag, this is one of their favorite parts of stamp camp.

Here are some of the gifts, I forgot and didn't take photos of all of the gifts, so I'll add them to the slideshow as I gather photos:

Then I taught a gift certificate holder designed by Pam O'Conner using Topstitch paper packet as well as a MY CTMH Journal designed by Pam.

The manager's got to go to lunch with me (my treat) as a special reward for being in management. We went to the Barking Frog (there IS such a thing as a barking frog). It was VERY yummy! We tried fried Prickly Pear Cactus (it is the consistency of boiled okra but tangy) dipped in Prickly Pear sauce. The food was extra yummy!!

Sue is a Sr. Executive Manager, Janice is an Executive Manger--Way to go Ladies!! We had a nice lunch talking about our businesses and our teams!! I appreciate their support and business heads! They love their teams! :) I feel blessed to work with such fabulous women!

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