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Monday, March 29, 2010

Stamp Camp Sedona 2010 Day 1--Exploring

After our team meeting and working hard on fun projects,we went to pick up corn salsa and corn cake at Elote (Chris the hot front desk dude at the Hampton Inn told us we MUST try it and the wait is 1 1/2 hour so we called in our order). While I had prisoners in my Attitude truck (we had 30 minutes to waste while our order was being prepared), I saw this really cool shop, so I pulled in and made everyone get their photos taken with a HUGE rooster! They were my prisoners, you know!! This shop had the funnest items! You gotta stop and shop if you ever go to Sedona! Take photos if nothing else! AMAZING place!!

Here are the projects that Mandy,Tess and Elizabeth created. We worked on these projects for the rest of the evening and finishing up the projects from the morning. At the last moment Tess and Elizabeth had things come up that prevented them from attending Stamp Camp in person but they were good sports and sent their projects anyway! We missed them!! Mandy created the cute wooden/metal photo holder using Topstitch papers, mystickease, and suede pin wheels. Tess created a Matchbox cardholder and cards using Caboodle Level 2 paper. Elizabeth created an album using Verandah Level 2 papers.

The rest of the evening we spent getting trained using Studio J! I showed everyone how to hook up their TV to their computer to easily show their customers/team on the TV (so everyone can see the screen). I a Dell laptop (Vista) and I just bought a computer cord at Radio shak and put one end into my flat screen TV (yep I hauled it clear to Sedona, it's light and I actually haul it around my house and stamp room and watch DVD's anywhere I want, LOVE IT!) and the other end into my computer (the computer end has screws but the computer did not have screw holes, doesn't matter, just don't screw them in). Then change the input with your remote to PC. Worked like a charm, if it doesn't work for you, don't ask me how, I have NO IDEA, frankly I was amazed that it worked!!. :) Wireless internet was FREE at the hotel, so everyone that brought a laptop got to play with Studio J while I was demonstrating. It was great fun!!

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