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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sedona Stamp Camp Day 2

Day 2 of stamp camp started out with treats from Trish!! She made homemade brownies and had them packaged in personalized brown paper bags with Stamp Camp logo!! She is the bomb!! They were the best brownies EVER!! They were closed with the cutest clothespin!! She also made use cute gum wrappers!! Consultants also found a My Acrylix Organizer $12.95, 2 texture paper samplers, 2 packages of 6x6 memory protectors, $5.90, and a My Creations Memory Keeper, $6.95 (can you believe the price on that? What a steal)!!

Janice taught us how to organize our texture papers by color so we can mix and match our texture papers, we decorated the My acrylix organizer; Janet taught us a cool trifold and a magic card using verandah creative basics; Trish taught a Clearly Clever acrylic/chipboard album using Topstitch, and Anjanette taught us how to use paint and texture paper to cover a My Creations Memory Keeper using Caboodle. Here is a slideshow, I'll add pictures as I gather them:

We have a tradition started by Debra Almanza back in the beginning of stamp camp to have shake and breaks (I don't even remember who named it shake and break), she suggested we have movement activities to break up sitting all day and night. So now we have games that we play to get us up and moving. This year Janet had us do a relay with balls, Janice said her first thought was "how do I get out of it" but then she was a good sport and dreamed up a creative "glow in the dark" worm toss. Chris was alarmed when he saw the worm, he said, "What is that?" "Nevermind, I don't even want to know what you are going to do with that!" My team lost because I thought I was finished and was taking pictures and wasn't in my spot. The winners got gummy bears as a prize so I am in BIG trouble! Anjanette made us tie our legs together and chew a huge piece of gum and blow two bubbles before we got to the end of the line and then walk back still tied together blowing bubbles with bubble mix and a wand. My shake and break is also taken from Debra, for the last two years she broke us into teams and had us race around Embassy Suites taking photos of certain items (with all the team members doing crazy things). I am not sure Embassy Suites will be the same (ever). I took it a step further. I gave the gals one hour, split them into teams of two (two campers who didn't really know each other very well), and gave them a list of things in Sedona to take a photo with. The rules were simple--you had to take a GOOD photo (no heads cut off, it had to be scrap worth) with each item, with bonus points for certain items and one of the campers had to be in each photo. When they returned with the photos I made each camper create a layout in Studio J using the photos so that they will have a keepsake from Stamp Camp!! I am SO glad I did this because while they were creating they had questions that I was able to answer so it gave all of us extra practice with Studio J, plus we had a lot of fun racing around Sedona. They had to take a picture with the following items: Horse, UFO, Psychic, Vortex, Stairs, Lady of Sedona (bonus point); jeep (pink jeep bonus); running water; Art Fair; Rooster, Wooden Sculpture. Here are some of the photos:

I took the coaches to lunch today (my treat for all of their hard hard work planning and making table gifts and putting up with my craziness and endless "what do you think" and "what if we" and etc., for months. Chris recommended we go to the Hideaway an we would have NEVER found it without his recommendation, it is definitely HIDDEN. It has one wall that is entirely glass, you are hanging over a cliff with a FABUOUS view, awesome food at an incredible value. We LOVED IT!! We ordered a antipasto salad for one and all four of us shared it, the pizza was LOADED with toppings and the garlic bread was HUGE!! THANKS CHRIS!!

Trish scored again because she made us cute popcorn boxes and filled them with Chex mix for after lunch snack!!
We spent the rest of the day working on projects and finishing up our Studio J layouts.

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