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Friday, March 26, 2010

Adventures with Reinkers and dying Just Blooms Flowers

I know how to dye flowers using reinkers......technically speaking that is..... LOL!!

I decided that I knew how, I've seen it done, so OF COURSE I can just whip up some watermelon flowers to match the name tags on our name tags, right?

The first batch I used straight reinker, they were VERY dark.

The second batch I used 99% alcohol mixed into a spray bottle with reinker, it makes the color of the spray very "floresent" and it dries very quickly!!

And I also tried mixing water with the reinker in the paint tray that comes in the distressing kit.

ALL versions worked, and they all worked on both the Just Blooms flowers as well as the Spring Blossoms. I did, however, have a hard time making the same shade over and over, so if you want a LOT of the same shade of flowers, you are going to need to mix a lot at once. Start with a lot of water or alocohol and a little reinker and keep adding reinker until you have the shade you want.

Make sure you use the 99% alcohol, it comes in two concentrations at the store. The 99% is more expensive (not expensive, I think I paid $2.29) than the 70%!

Tonight I am on my way to our 14th annual Retreat. This year it's in Sedona Arizona. I've never been there, I am SO excited to go. Trish, one of my favorite (I have LOTS) team members made us awesome shirts, I made the name tags to coordinate (that's why I was dying flowers), I can't wait to see these awesome friends/team members and to share in their talents!! BRING ON THE FUN!!

I am SO BLESSED and LUCKY to have these ladies in my life. I feel so humble and unworthy to be the leader of such a talented, awesome team! ALL of these ladies are dedicated, talented, creative, and inspiring!! They support me and teach me every day!

I SO appreciate the effort team members makes make time and time again to attend stamp camp. I know that they all have trials and struggling in their lives. Perhaps no one else knows the effort they go through each year to come, but I know because I hear each of their stories. The struggles and challenges they face are all different, all real, and all heartbreaking. I know it would be easy for each and everyone of them to say, "Sorry, I can't make it this year, because of my situation" (not that their situations aren't very real and challenging). My point is that they make the sacrifice--they make the choice every one of these ladies worked HARD, they made the CHOICE to come to stamp camp, leave their families, take time away from their busy lives, they made the huge effort, followed my list of endless RULES with a smile, so that everything can be equal!! It is my hope that this choice pays off to enrich their business and their life by giving them the tools they need to go home prepared and refreshed and rejuvenated until the next event! Everything in life is CHOICES, sacrifices, and priorities. I appreciate the choice they made to come! THANKS SO MUCH LADIES!! YOU ARE THE BEST!! <3 style="border: 0pt none;" src="" align="left">

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