Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sedona Stamp Camp Day 2

Day 2 of stamp camp started out with treats from Trish!! She made homemade brownies and had them packaged in personalized brown paper bags with Stamp Camp logo!! She is the bomb!! They were the best brownies EVER!! They were closed with the cutest clothespin!! She also made use cute gum wrappers!! Consultants also found a My Acrylix Organizer $12.95, 2 texture paper samplers, 2 packages of 6x6 memory protectors, $5.90, and a My Creations Memory Keeper, $6.95 (can you believe the price on that? What a steal)!!

Janice taught us how to organize our texture papers by color so we can mix and match our texture papers, we decorated the My acrylix organizer; Janet taught us a cool trifold and a magic card using verandah creative basics; Trish taught a Clearly Clever acrylic/chipboard album using Topstitch, and Anjanette taught us how to use paint and texture paper to cover a My Creations Memory Keeper using Caboodle. Here is a slideshow, I'll add pictures as I gather them:

We have a tradition started by Debra Almanza back in the beginning of stamp camp to have shake and breaks (I don't even remember who named it shake and break), she suggested we have movement activities to break up sitting all day and night. So now we have games that we play to get us up and moving. This year Janet had us do a relay with balls, Janice said her first thought was "how do I get out of it" but then she was a good sport and dreamed up a creative "glow in the dark" worm toss. Chris was alarmed when he saw the worm, he said, "What is that?" "Nevermind, I don't even want to know what you are going to do with that!" My team lost because I thought I was finished and was taking pictures and wasn't in my spot. The winners got gummy bears as a prize so I am in BIG trouble! Anjanette made us tie our legs together and chew a huge piece of gum and blow two bubbles before we got to the end of the line and then walk back still tied together blowing bubbles with bubble mix and a wand. My shake and break is also taken from Debra, for the last two years she broke us into teams and had us race around Embassy Suites taking photos of certain items (with all the team members doing crazy things). I am not sure Embassy Suites will be the same (ever). I took it a step further. I gave the gals one hour, split them into teams of two (two campers who didn't really know each other very well), and gave them a list of things in Sedona to take a photo with. The rules were simple--you had to take a GOOD photo (no heads cut off, it had to be scrap worth) with each item, with bonus points for certain items and one of the campers had to be in each photo. When they returned with the photos I made each camper create a layout in Studio J using the photos so that they will have a keepsake from Stamp Camp!! I am SO glad I did this because while they were creating they had questions that I was able to answer so it gave all of us extra practice with Studio J, plus we had a lot of fun racing around Sedona. They had to take a picture with the following items: Horse, UFO, Psychic, Vortex, Stairs, Lady of Sedona (bonus point); jeep (pink jeep bonus); running water; Art Fair; Rooster, Wooden Sculpture. Here are some of the photos:

I took the coaches to lunch today (my treat for all of their hard hard work planning and making table gifts and putting up with my craziness and endless "what do you think" and "what if we" and etc., for months. Chris recommended we go to the Hideaway an we would have NEVER found it without his recommendation, it is definitely HIDDEN. It has one wall that is entirely glass, you are hanging over a cliff with a FABUOUS view, awesome food at an incredible value. We LOVED IT!! We ordered a antipasto salad for one and all four of us shared it, the pizza was LOADED with toppings and the garlic bread was HUGE!! THANKS CHRIS!!

Trish scored again because she made us cute popcorn boxes and filled them with Chex mix for after lunch snack!!
We spent the rest of the day working on projects and finishing up our Studio J layouts.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Stamp Camp Sedona 2010 Day 1--Exploring

After our team meeting and working hard on fun projects,we went to pick up corn salsa and corn cake at Elote (Chris the hot front desk dude at the Hampton Inn told us we MUST try it and the wait is 1 1/2 hour so we called in our order). While I had prisoners in my Attitude truck (we had 30 minutes to waste while our order was being prepared), I saw this really cool shop, so I pulled in and made everyone get their photos taken with a HUGE rooster! They were my prisoners, you know!! This shop had the funnest items! You gotta stop and shop if you ever go to Sedona! Take photos if nothing else! AMAZING place!!

Here are the projects that Mandy,Tess and Elizabeth created. We worked on these projects for the rest of the evening and finishing up the projects from the morning. At the last moment Tess and Elizabeth had things come up that prevented them from attending Stamp Camp in person but they were good sports and sent their projects anyway! We missed them!! Mandy created the cute wooden/metal photo holder using Topstitch papers, mystickease, and suede pin wheels. Tess created a Matchbox cardholder and cards using Caboodle Level 2 paper. Elizabeth created an album using Verandah Level 2 papers.

The rest of the evening we spent getting trained using Studio J! I showed everyone how to hook up their TV to their computer to easily show their customers/team on the TV (so everyone can see the screen). I a Dell laptop (Vista) and I just bought a computer cord at Radio shak and put one end into my flat screen TV (yep I hauled it clear to Sedona, it's light and I actually haul it around my house and stamp room and watch DVD's anywhere I want, LOVE IT!) and the other end into my computer (the computer end has screws but the computer did not have screw holes, doesn't matter, just don't screw them in). Then change the input with your remote to PC. Worked like a charm, if it doesn't work for you, don't ask me how, I have NO IDEA, frankly I was amazed that it worked!!. :) Wireless internet was FREE at the hotel, so everyone that brought a laptop got to play with Studio J while I was demonstrating. It was great fun!!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Stamp Camp Sedona 2010 Day 1

Our team celebrated our 14th Annual Stamper's with an Attitude Team Retreat in Sedona, AZ.

Consultants from Kansas, Nevada, and Arizona met in Sedona, AZ, for the weekend at Hampton Inn. I can't say enough good things about this hotel! I booked it sight unseen and was a bit frightened about the fact. I discussed it with my stamp camp coaches and we decided to go on pure faith from the pictures on their website and our experience with Hampton Inns. The room we usually get in Flagstaff was booked, this room was the same size and half the price so we jumped on it. We decided to go on an adventure and explore Sedona!! We are super glad we did.

The staff was super friendly!! When I walked in the front door (at 11:00 p.m) the front desk clerk (Chris) asked me, "Are you Kim?" I said, "YES, why? Do I have a bad rep already?" He laughed, and said, "No, I've just been expecting you." He showed me a map and told me where all the stamp camp girls were staying, told me he liked my truck, to get in my "attitude" truck (apparently he checked out my license plate), told me where to park, where our meeting room was, etc. The girls were amazed the next day because he remembered our names. He continued to baby us the whole weekend by making us chocolate chip cookies and setting aside plates of cookies for us and delivering them to our meeting room, giving suggestions for our photo scavenger hunt, and places to eat. Robert, the desk clerk on duty when we left, told us that all the staff enjoyed our visit, especially Chris--LOL!! We enjoyed our time with them as well.

One of the fun, crazy things we always do at any event is roommate gifts. Here are some great roommate gift ideas:

The coaches meet an hour prior to the starting time for stamp camp so that we can get the room set up. We set up the room and on Day 1 each consultant came into the room and found at her spot:
A desk pad paper
Stamp Camp 2010 BLING tee--awesome, THANKS TRISH!!
My Creations Journal, $7.95
Clear Sparkles, $2.95
Soft Suede Pinwheels, $5.95
Notepad & Pen from Kim
Sour Creme container from Mandy filled with jelly beans and chocolate
Tootsie Pop Necklace from Sue (when you say STAMP you have to give it up, the person with the most necklaces at the end of stamp camp you get a prize) Oh, and you guessed it, I was the FIRST to loose my necklace! (I think Sue rigged it so that I would lose mine first during the team meeting).
Nametags, made by Kim to match our fabulous shirts
Clapper to celebrate
We start the camp with a team meeting where we do introductions, an on time drawing, recognition, business card drawing, on time drawing, card exchange and a business meeting. Here are the two winning cards. My card won (hollyhock), but I feel bad about that because I copied/altered/stamp lifted Lisa Steinz's card because I TOTALLY loved it and then it WON!! So I gave the prize to 2nd place, Janice Hodgkin (Love)

I bring lots of prizes--the girls love prizes. I give out tickets for random wacky things like if you are wearing a toe ring (remnant from a Dallas convention where they held me down and put a toe ring on me, now you have to wear one to CTMH events to earn tickets) as well as business builders like participating in the card exchange, wearing logo wear, meeting minimums, adding a team member, etc. We do drawings all weekend long.

We also do a gift exchange. The gift exchange is optional. Everyone brings up to three handmade gifts made with Close to My Heart products and I put them all in brown paper bags and staple them shut so no one knows who brought what, they put a ticket for each gift they brought into a basket and throughout the weekend I randomly pull names out to choose a bag, this is one of their favorite parts of stamp camp.

Here are some of the gifts, I forgot and didn't take photos of all of the gifts, so I'll add them to the slideshow as I gather photos:

Then I taught a gift certificate holder designed by Pam O'Conner using Topstitch paper packet as well as a MY CTMH Journal designed by Pam.

The manager's got to go to lunch with me (my treat) as a special reward for being in management. We went to the Barking Frog (there IS such a thing as a barking frog). It was VERY yummy! We tried fried Prickly Pear Cactus (it is the consistency of boiled okra but tangy) dipped in Prickly Pear sauce. The food was extra yummy!!

Sue is a Sr. Executive Manager, Janice is an Executive Manger--Way to go Ladies!! We had a nice lunch talking about our businesses and our teams!! I appreciate their support and business heads! They love their teams! :) I feel blessed to work with such fabulous women!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Adventures with Reinkers and dying Just Blooms Flowers

I know how to dye flowers using reinkers......technically speaking that is..... LOL!!

I decided that I knew how, I've seen it done, so OF COURSE I can just whip up some watermelon flowers to match the name tags on our name tags, right?

The first batch I used straight reinker, they were VERY dark.

The second batch I used 99% alcohol mixed into a spray bottle with reinker, it makes the color of the spray very "floresent" and it dries very quickly!!

And I also tried mixing water with the reinker in the paint tray that comes in the distressing kit.

ALL versions worked, and they all worked on both the Just Blooms flowers as well as the Spring Blossoms. I did, however, have a hard time making the same shade over and over, so if you want a LOT of the same shade of flowers, you are going to need to mix a lot at once. Start with a lot of water or alocohol and a little reinker and keep adding reinker until you have the shade you want.

Make sure you use the 99% alcohol, it comes in two concentrations at the store. The 99% is more expensive (not expensive, I think I paid $2.29) than the 70%!

Tonight I am on my way to our 14th annual Retreat. This year it's in Sedona Arizona. I've never been there, I am SO excited to go. Trish, one of my favorite (I have LOTS) team members made us awesome shirts, I made the name tags to coordinate (that's why I was dying flowers), I can't wait to see these awesome friends/team members and to share in their talents!! BRING ON THE FUN!!

I am SO BLESSED and LUCKY to have these ladies in my life. I feel so humble and unworthy to be the leader of such a talented, awesome team! ALL of these ladies are dedicated, talented, creative, and inspiring!! They support me and teach me every day!

I SO appreciate the effort team members makes make time and time again to attend stamp camp. I know that they all have trials and struggling in their lives. Perhaps no one else knows the effort they go through each year to come, but I know because I hear each of their stories. The struggles and challenges they face are all different, all real, and all heartbreaking. I know it would be easy for each and everyone of them to say, "Sorry, I can't make it this year, because of my situation" (not that their situations aren't very real and challenging). My point is that they make the sacrifice--they make the choice every one of these ladies worked HARD, they made the CHOICE to come to stamp camp, leave their families, take time away from their busy lives, they made the huge effort, followed my list of endless RULES with a smile, so that everything can be equal!! It is my hope that this choice pays off to enrich their business and their life by giving them the tools they need to go home prepared and refreshed and rejuvenated until the next event! Everything in life is CHOICES, sacrifices, and priorities. I appreciate the choice they made to come! THANKS SO MUCH LADIES!! YOU ARE THE BEST!! <3 style="border: 0pt none;" src="http://i273.photobucket.com/albums/jj227/ewhites/KimSig-1.jpg" align="left">

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Caboodle Level 1 Layout


Each Level 1 Kit includes 4 12x12 preprinted pages, 2 12x12 B&T Duos, 2 12x12 cardstock sheets, and 2 6x12 My Stickease Adhesive sheets.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Topstitch Notepad & Gift Card Envelope

Topstitch Notepad & Giftcard Holder
Wednesday, March 31, 6:30 p.m.

Sign up by tomorrow, March 26, to attend this class! You'll make a notepad and gift card holder! These can be gifts for a teacher, friend, colleague but they are so cute you'll want to keep them for yourself! No worries, you can sign up to make two sets!!

These notepads were inspired by my team member, Pam O'Conner. You will love them!

You can purchase a kit and attend the class at my home or purchase a kit and add $5.00 shipping and make it at your home!

$12.00 for one kit, $20.00 for two kits!!

(Kit includes 1/2 level 1 kit, 1/2 package suede pin wheels, ribbon, notepads, pen, post it notes, brads, colors and patterns may vary).

Buy Now Click here to purchase 1 kit

Buy NowClick here to purchase 2 kits

Spring Blossom My Acrylix Spritz Cleaner--FREE!!

When you order $100 in stamps you'll receive a FREE personalized spring blossom my acrylix spritz cleaner from me!! Look how cute these stamp cleaners are when you pimp them up with our flower meta-rimmed tags, spring blossom just blooms, buttons,waxy flax, creme brulee ribbon, and veranda paper!! In addition, you'll qualify for a FREE stamp of the month during the month you place your order when you order $100 in stamps! WAHOO!! It's a double win!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Gift Certificates Available!

When you purchase a gift certificate or ask your friends/family to purchase one for you, it'll come to you in this cute gift card envelope! Order one now!!! (designed by Pam O'Conner, adapted & made by Kimberly Williams-Wilste, just waiting for you!!)

made with Topstitch Level 2 paper packet, B1339 Love is in the Air stamp set, Baby Pink Ink, Chocolate Ink, Sparkles, Corner Rounder.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hunter's Lucky his Mom is a scrapbooker

Hunter is in the sixth grade in all accelerated classes. Many, many times I ask myself, WHY are my children in all accelerated classes? They have SO much homework! I absolutely HATE projects and middle school seems to be riddled with projects. When I FIRST started teaching and I was young and naive and had NO children of my own, I assigned projects, however, as soon as I had my own children and realized the horrors of homework and projects, I STOPPED doing them. It is my belief that when you grade a child on homework, you are grading his parents. Yep, because the kids that get the good grades are the kids whose parents do the homework with them, feeding them the answers, and do the projects, just like the science projects that are beautiful and WIN, and the pinewood derby cards that are perfect, fast, and WIN. Well, I am NOT that Mom, I think the kids should do it, so of course, my kids cars never win, their science projects are never beautiful, AND we fight about homework for hours every night, ESPECIALLY Hunter, the poor kid has glasses, braces, ADHD, and ODD..... Life is a challenge, being Hunter's Mom is a challenge, every day, almost every minute, and sometimes it's heaven.......sometimes.....

He has this ONE teacher, now mind you, I am not especially fond of MOST of his teachers, but this ONE, and of course he has her for not one, but TWO periods, likes to assign these crazy projects. This month ONE of the projects is to read a biography or fictional book and make and pack a small cardboard box suitcase that the person you read about would take on a trip. It needs to include the following: A luggage tag that has the person's name, address, and destination written on it. Memorabilia to decorate the outside of the suitcase such as bumper stickers or mementos from previous trips. Ten items that the character would pack. A brief explanation of why your person chose to pack each item.....

Hunter, of course, wanted a huge box. I finally convinced him to print out pictures of the items to pack, NOT THE ACTUAL items, and we decorated a pencil box using That's Amore Level II paper (he never thought I would have a masculine paper--LOL!!), Dimensional elements monograms, we even put "feet" on the bottom of the box using bigger brads, and photo hangers on the top and chocolate ribbon from the designer ribbon rounds for the handle. We stamped "Tough as Nails" by the monograms and put a postcard from Yellowstone on the back because the character from the book is from Wyoming. I had some fun luggage tags laying around that I had purchased from Target a few summers ago for the kids luggage and never used. When he was done, Hunter was proud of himself and happy that his mom is so cool and scrapbooks. Now, hopefully he won't get in trouble for having his character "pack" a PPW (Personal Protection Weapon)--tazer......

Hunter also had his "puberty" exam today. The reason I share this is because I just LOVE my pediatricians!! Henderson Pediatrics, Dr. Kulic and Dr. Levin. None of my other children had this 11-year-old well check, but Dr. Kulic (woman) did have a discussion with Kassidy when she got shots two summers ago and Dr. Levin (man) had the same type of discussion with Hunter today. Basically about drugs, alcohol, eating healthy, abstinence, etc. LOVED what they had to say! They are very frank, yet sensitive. They have Saturday and Sunday morning SICK hours and I can't say enough good things about their office (it's even close by!). So if you live in the Henderson area and are looking for rockin peds, look them up!! Hunter screamed for 15 minutes when he heard he was getting FIVE shots, but the nurses were so nice, they assured me that 95% of 11 year olds react the same way and they hurried and got the shots, as soon as he got them, he settled down because they realized they weren't as bad as he was imagining...... (add another reason to my list that I'm glad I'm NOT a nurse) Thank heavens I only have one more child that gets to turn 11.....

Blair got to design her class ring online and we went to a meeting and had it sized and ordered it tonight. Class rings have really changed since I was in high school about ten or so years ago--LOL! They had several that looked like birthstones and although they were pretty I tried to steer her toward one that at least looked like a class ring instead of a birthstone. This is part of her Sweet 16 birthday present. She chose the stones green (her favorite color), and diamond (her birthstone). I let her drive home. I must say, I like it a lot better when she drives Harry around instead of me..... I was STRESSED even though she did nothing wrong... Love ya, Blair!!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Happy Sweet 16th Kidnap Pajama Birthday Party!

After trying to figure out how to have a birthday party for an ALL girl sweet sixteen party, we finally settled on a Kidnap Breakfast. I called all the girl's moms to tell them we would be kidnapping them at 7 a.m. on Saturday morning and taking them to breakfast at IHOP and then back to our house to make journals and cake and ice cream.

The Moms were very cooperative and fun and did not tell their daughters that we were coming and made sure they were all dressed in modest pajamas so they would not be embarrassed when a gaggle of girls burst into their bedroom to kidnap them.

We went to IHOP where the birthday party sat at one table and the family members at another. We went back to our house to make journals. The journal example I had was designed by my team member Pam O'Conner. ALL of the journals turned out differently. The girl's definitely have their own ideas and differences and you can tell by the journals.

The cake was designed and made by a friend Liz Sherman's sister, Anna Juarez. Anna makes yummy, gorgeous, one-of-a-kind cakes. All I did was tell her I wanted a Sweet Sixteen cake and told her what we were doing for the party. She did an awesome job of coming up with the idea and adding fun details that she imagined Kassidy/Blair would like, adding Twilight posters and even a picture of the journal we made on the bed. The girl's LOVED the cake and were arguing about who got to eat the TV, the slippers, the bedframe, the bed, the posters, etc., it was a riot!! Thanks so much to Liz and April for working so hard on the cake and making it fabulous!!

Then the girl's watched New Moon and we took them home with their journals!

The journals were made with the following Close to My Heart supplies:

D1303 Classmate Alphabet
C1401 Friendship Alphabet Small
D1401 Authentic
Z1114 Piercing Tool Kit
Z1279 Versamat
Z2102 Baby Pink Inkpad
Z2302 Baby Pink Marker
Z2311 Chocolate Inkpad
Z578 Corner Rounder
Z534 Micro-Tip Scissors
Euro Personal Paper Trimmer
Z1296 Distressing Inks
Z1104 Clear Sparkles
Z1138 Blush Collection
Z1124 Heavenly Blue Collection
Z1127 Chocolate Collection
Z1126 Colonial White Collection
Z1270 Soft Suede Pinwheels
Z1268 My Creations Journal
X7120A Topstitch Level 1 Kit

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