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Friday, February 19, 2010

Recipe Box

I am becoming the queen of modge podge! (In my world that would mean that I am actually MODGE PODGING!) Mandy would be so proud of me! (That so totally reminds me of that I'm smashing up a baby bumblebee song we sing in kindergarten... LOL!) The second receipe holder Tanya Cook made at a workshop at my house, I love her take using the SAME papers, it turned out SO cute!

I got these cute recipe boxes with recipe card holders from Keri Petit a LOOOONG time ago, I think I still lived in Summerlin, and I am finally getting around to having a class on how to alter them to match your kitchen decor. I used Boomdiada to make mine match my kitchen because I am painting my family room wall that adjoins the kitchen a new color (to match Samantha's couch) SOMEDAY and it coordinates with boomdiada.

I remembered a modge podge tip I learned a LONG time ago that makes it go so much better! Cover the area that you want covered with paper with modge podge, then place the paper face down inside a magazine or catalog, cover the wrong side with modge podge, place it in place (it will be very SLICK and easy to place and slide around, THEN press into place and press out all the bubbles, then cover with modge podge again going over only once or twice (as few times as possible on top). Then turn the page of the magazine and repeat (so the modge podge doesn't get on anything).


  1. I am soooo proud of you!! Keep this up and you may steal my modge podge crown at stamp camp!!

  2. OOOOHhh!! There is a crown? I may have to try to do MORE! :P


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