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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Veranda Level 1 Scrapbook Class

Last day to register for this class is tomorrow, paypal me $15.00 at to attend the class or order the kit X7119A on my website and do it at home!

I procrastinated finishing these layouts because when I saw the big ME on the MyStickease I had a rebellious streak come out and thought, YUCK, EWW, I don't want to scrapbook PICTURES of me! I want a new body, I want a new face, Heck, I want a new everything! LOL!!

Once I got past that (and it took a couple of weeks), I took a REAL look at the my stickease and started thinking about what makes me smile. In the meantime my upline's father died and my father was diagnosed with renal cancer. Attending the viewing, I was shocked that her father looked so old, he's aged a lot in the 18 years I've known her, EIGHTEEN years, I realized HEY, I'M GETTING OLD!!! Both events made me reflect on my children and what they will remember about me! I certainly hope they forget A LOT! My cousin Samantha died last year and I visit her blog and her FB and I know her sister's do as well, we like to remember her words and we feel close to her when we do, these My Stickease will help my kids remember what makes me ME when I'm not in the room with them. So once I adjusted my attitude and realized ALL the photos didn't need to be ME, I fell in LOVE with the idea of these pages that's when it got FUN!!

Things that make me smile:

My Kids/Family
Dune Buggies
Concerts (I put Donny Osmond but really concerts because I kinda love Rodney Atkins too)
My CTMH Team <3 -- Stamper's with an Attitude
Traveling/exploring new places
Mickey Mouse/Disneyland
Jumping on Trampolines
Caribbean Cruises
Family Traditions

Thanks to close to my heart for giving me the opportunity and the motivation to explore and record these things about ME!!

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