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Monday, December 21, 2009

Wedding Acrylic Album

One of my coworkers saw the album I made for our principal last spring. She begged me to make a wedding album for her to give to her friend. During the summer I had no way to contact her so it didn't get done. This fall she hit me up again to make it for her friend's Christmas gift.

There is nothing I like LESS than making an album for someone else, so I put it off until the last moment. I don't know why I didn't say NO!! (I think I did but she was persistent and I will learn to stick to my guns someday).

Anyway, she wanted it green and silver and I told her I didn't have silver but I wanted to use Emporium. She said okay but she didn't want me to add colors to it or layer colors behind the photos. THAT was a tall order, I like to layer. I finally ended up blinging it out with Close to My Heart Sparkles since she wouldn't let me add layering buttercup, cocoa, or Twilight behind the photos. I had sparkles EVERYwhere, even on my shoes.... LOL!!

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