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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Glass Etching

When my cousin Samantha died I washed some dishes that were in her sink and I found a class cake pan with her name etched in it. It brought back the memory of her calling me to tell me she had made it in homemaking and how cool it was. I couldn't wrap my brain around her description but I do remember her excitement and telling me how to do it. When I held it in my hands it was the weirdest experience. I SO wanted that cake pan but so did her husband. So I decided to make some for MY friends for Christmas. We are always going to potlucks and taking food to people so I know that our names etched into a pan would be AWESOME, plus pretty..... AND I will remember Samantha every time I see/use it.

So here goes, it is SO easy!!

I NEVER use my cricuit. When I do it's usually for NON scrapbooking projects like my classroom. So I was excited to use it today. I learned how to glass etch with rubber stamps LONG ago. You simply stamp the image you want to etch onto contact paper (any color) using our staz on ink. Then cut out the image you stamped and use the "reverse mat" and stick it to the item you want etched. Simply paint on Etch ALL or Armor Etch (available at Michael's) wait 60 seconds and wash off with water. It's THAT easy!

Today because I was doing SEVERAL cake pans and I have a very limited amount of time I wanted to use the cricuit.

I used the alphalicious font at 1 1/2" and put in the names I wanted to put on the side of the cake pan and cut my vinyl to fit the 12x12 sticky mat. When the buffer was full, I would "cut" the names and then input more and cut again. It started where it left off. Then I changed the font to Accent Essentials and printed several of #16 (because I liked it the best but it was a bit of a pain because it is so intricate, something more solid would be easirer). The longer names like KIMBERLY didn't really have room for the #16 design but you could use a smaller design.

Then cut out the REVERSE MASK (normally the scraps) and stick to the side of the pan. Put a thick edge of Armor Etch on top, wait 60 seconds, and then wash off with water.

I purchased ONE Of the cake pans a long time ago at Albertson's on sale for $9.99, the others I bought this week at WALMART with LIDS on sale for $9.99.

If you are on my Christmas list you are probably getting one, so don't go make yourself one--LOL!!


  1. 1st of all-thanks for the blog updates! Thats twice in one month already! lol. Second, I LOVE this technique and have used it on ornaments and actually used it on that tic-tac-toe board I made for stamp camp (though I'm not sure she's even noticed)! 3rd- As I'm seeing these photos and through the first paragraph I'm thinking, "She NEVER uses her cricut!" Good for you to dust it off and out it to use Kim! ~Blessings.

  2. LOL, glad I could make you happy today! Keep watch this month because I actually have a LOT up my sleeve..... But it's parent/teacher conference week this week--EEK!!!

    Yep, I broke down and used the cricuit. I really like using it for my classroom..... Other than that I just DO NOT and I feel guilty because I have ALL this stuff that cost $$$.

    I REALLY do not like CUTTING out letters, I like STAMPING them.... LOL!! But I want SCRIPT!! I have had the cricuit software FOREVER and I have NEVER used it....... But I HAVE IT! ! LOL!!

  3. Well aren't you clever. I will have to try this sometime! Hope you are having a happy holiday season


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