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Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Wedding In Zion's National Park

I have a couple of friends that I've been friends with for SO long that they've become family. I call their children my nieces and my kids think they are cousins. My husband keeps telling me don't tell them they are cousins, they aren't! But they've been adopted by my heart so I think they are! I met Dania in about 1980 through the men we were with at the moment (we ditched the men and kept each other) we've been through lots of laughter and tears! That's what makes us family! I have lots of memories of her girls crawling around my house as babies, toddlers, and now as women, they are my friends. I also have memories of MY toddlers at Mandy's wedding which will make anyone who remembers smile, but will embarrass my now teenager to death so I better not type it here! This latest wedding was beautiful and fun! I haven't been to Zion's for years and it was a perfect day! We had directions to stop and ride a shuttle and right when we got into town we saw a shuttle sign so we stopped and got on, apparently it was the TOWN shuttle, not really the right shuttle, but we got a nice trip through town and dropped off at the RIGHT shuttle at Zion. LOL! It's a beautiful time of year to be at Zion, cool, and leaves turning, which is a treat for anyone from Nevada, whe don't really get to see FALL. The wedding was right beneath a huge tree in the center of the lawn in front of the Zion lodge. Of course, having to ride the shuttle, the bride was LATE!! Jake was a little stressed out about that! But it was worth the wait! Angela looked like a bride right out of a magazine! I even thought her dad was going to cry walking her down the isle! Greggor as the ring boy was so cute and kept smling up at his mom with the biggest smile on his face! Angela's side of the wedding ceremony was overwhelmed with "family." Having been around for so long, I know them all, even all the members of her father's family. It was fun to see them all. Kassidy got to go to the wedding with Harry and I (her dad wasn't happy but in the state of Nevada, once the kids are 14 they get to choose and she chose to go to her cousin Angela's wedding). Hunter and Ryan were very sad they didn't get to go. Angela lived with us for a short time when Hunter was three or four years old and seeing her in her wedding dress it's not hard to wonder why Hunter would sit at his xylophone and bang on it and sing, "Oh, Angela, Angela, oh, Angela" all the time. (I so wish I had a picture of that!!)

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