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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mouse Pad using Animal Crackers Level 1 Kit

The white part is a mouse pad that I've had for years. I got them a LONG time ago from Raesha DeRuiterZylker, creative friend of mine. You can change out the pictures. My husband helped the teacher next door hook up her teacher computer on Sunday and she was having trouble getting her mouse to work because she didn't have a mouse pad. I told her, get me a cute picture of your grandkids and I'll make you a mouse pad. She whipped out this photo. I was teaching the makeup class and Saturday and looked at the Level 1 Animal Crackers preprinted papers and My stickease from Close to My Heart and thought, WOW, those go so well with that cute photo! So I cut one of the pages down to fit the mousepad and used the mystickease and it literally took me about 3 mins. to create this adorable mousepad! What awesome gift ideas!! (The layout looks distorted because it's the mousepad plastic) To see any of the photos bigger you can just click on them!

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