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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Makeup Workshop Today and a fview of my workroom!

I had a few ladies who were on vacation last week and couldn't make the Level 2 class so they came over today. Here is a picture of my work room. My office is on the wall behind the shelves. You can see all the papercrafts I keep on the shelves. The shelves were actually an opening (window like opening) into the "formal dining area" behind it and when we bought the house I had a wall put in because I wanted wall space for my office in the "formal dining area". You can also see my wall of metal that I LOVE! I'll post details when I get the room finished. I have a "store" wall. I don't really have a "store." But I do keep some items on hand because I do a few craft shows and am gearing up to do some more this fall. I used to keep the products in the garage in plastic tubs but when we moved into this house I have room to keep them out and I like them out because I can see what I have and when a team member needs something I know what I have or when I customer wants something they can run over and get it. The "store" portion is really ONLY the metal cube portion of the wall, the bookshelves are my personal paper storage. We actually have a living room, family room and a playroom in this house, so I took over what would "in a normal house" the formal dining room as my "office and personal scrapbook area" and the family room as my "workroom" and the playroom is the entire area above the garage upstairs is the area we use as the "family room/playroom" as the youngest child in our family is about to turn 9 on Halloween.

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