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Monday, August 3, 2009

Kassidy's a Papercrafter

I had to take a picture of Kassidy making her Girl's Camp Secret Sister papercraft projects to prove that she actually papercrafted since she REFUSES to papercraft. I've been a Close to My Heart consultant for 18 years so she was "born into the business" and she thinks that she can just say the word and I will make whatever she wants. Well, I think that SHE should learn how to make things herself now and have for a few years. My 8-year-old son is constantly into my paper and glue and scissors and creating cards for me. My only daughter, however, is NOT so inclined. However, she did make the matchbook scrapbook, suckers, and a scrapbook explosion box for her secret sister at Girl's Camp!! Here she is working on her projects at her computer desk! Perhaps there is hope yet that she will join her Mother and her Grandmother as a Close to My Heart consultant when she is 18 or older!!

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