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Friday, August 7, 2009

My personal scrapbooking space

I LOVE my personal scrapbooking space and it's a good thing because I spend the majority of my "free" time here. The first picture is a picture of my ROBOT vacumn. I had to include it because it makes my life SO much easier and EVERYONE asks me, do ROBOTS really work?? YES they do, however, you STILL probably still have to do the edges, etc., every once in a while or at least I do because I have three very LARGE dogs and they bring in a LOT of that lovely NEVADA dirt. When Harry and I got married I went through about six vacumns in about five months because DOG hair clogged all of them, there is NOTHING to clog in a Robot. LOVE IT!! Got it for $99 at BIG LOTS!!
Picture Number Two shows off my InkStak that I got from and painted it Tomato Spice along with the Ribbon Stak from the same website. LOVE them. The Ribbon stak no longer houses ribbon and is currently a mess HOLDING items from the 2010 discontinued list that will be on sale at my OPEN HOUSE on Sept. 4. (Thanks to Brent & Erin Grotegut for being so KEWL!!)

Under the window are my Crop and Style drawers that I get at Roberts Crafts in St. George, UT every time I go up with a 40% or 50% coupon as they are $60-80. I come home and put one set together every time. The one set of doors with magnetic fronts I had already and put the flashing on with leather screws that Mandy got from from tandy leather, the screws are cute, they have flowers on them, it's all about CUTE screws, you know!! (Thanks to Mandy and Bayden Grover for keeping it cute!!)
The third and fourth pictures are of my scrapbook Inspector Gadget desk open (YIKES) and shut (WHEW!!) that is incredibly fun and versatile. Got it from I was too cheap to pay $250 for shipping so I drove to SLC and got it right from the nice folks who make it (in a house, each room has different parts) and paid $250 for hotel and gas and a fun weekend with a friend! LOL!!

The glass jars are just fun (love the labels, so appropriate!), they sit on top of my Crop & Style drawers, I saw them at Roberts Craft store in St. George last year and loved them so Harry adn the kids bought them for me for Mother's Day. They house ribbon, binder rings, and those flat florist marbles. The last photo shoes my drawers along the window (I just moved them again and I like them here) and my computer amoire from Office Depot. LOVE it, it opens up and pulls out and I can (when it's cleaned up, shut the doors and hide the mess inside!!) When I finish organizing my workroom I'll post more photos! Leave a comment with your favorite organizing idea!! (This is what you see from my front door (as you look past Samantha's beautiful Sweet Leaf couch!)


  1. Love your room - it is so neat and clean! And that red that you painted your ink holder is gorgeous - it looks really great as a contrast to all of the white furniture in the room.

  2. I just have to say the green looks weird in these photos it's more like sweet leaf/garden green, maybe it's because of the background olive on the blog, I don't know but the walls are NOT that green they look in the photos.. LOL!!


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