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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Animal Cookie Level 2 Layouts

We will be making these layouts at my home on Friday night! Email me if you'd like or attend or you can order the materials to make them at your own home or schedule a party and let me show you how to make them!! (It helps if you have a cutie like my Hunter, but you could use your pets or even adults, I do have some fun photos of my team at the Albuquerque Zoo that I was tempted to use and then use the numbers to label each person, but I knew that Hunter would be so pleased to see these layouts, so I used his photos as a surprise! Love ya baby (even though you are a big tough 10 year old going to Middle school!!))

Animal Cookies Level 2 Paper Packets, Animal Cookies My Stickease, Summer Craft Buttons, Natural Assortment Embroidery Floss, Foam Die Cut Numbers, Liquid Glass

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