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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Thanks Emily!!

I just want to say thanks to Emily! The blog fairy for my blog make over! Isn't she the best!! She worked very hard because, well, I'm pretty picky!! :) Emily rocks!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Celebrate National Stamping Month

Delight in the Everyday! The Everday Celebration card kit, designed exclusively for National Stamping Month, can be yours FREE!!*

To Celebrat National Stamping Month in September, we are giving you THREE ways to get a FREE Everday Celebration card kit for making 16 beautiful cards!

*Purchase a minimum of $60 US/$75 CAN in stamp sets** (includes A, B, C, D, and E-size) between August 18-September 30
*Host a Home Gathering with minimum sales of $400/$500 betwen Sept. 1-30
*Sign up as a new Consultant between Sept. 1-30

You can also buy as many card kits as you'd like for $39.95/$49.95 per kit. And there's more fun! Place any order between September 1-30 and you'll be automatically entered in our daily drawing for a FREE card kit! Winners will be announced on your Consultant's My CTMH website and Express your passion for stamping with this pretty new card it today!

*Tax and shipping/handling may apply . Limit of one free kit per order.
**Stamp of the Month, Art & Soul, WOrkshops on the Go kits, and K-size custom stamp sets not included.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mouse Pad using Animal Crackers Level 1 Kit

The white part is a mouse pad that I've had for years. I got them a LONG time ago from Raesha DeRuiterZylker, creative friend of mine. You can change out the pictures. My husband helped the teacher next door hook up her teacher computer on Sunday and she was having trouble getting her mouse to work because she didn't have a mouse pad. I told her, get me a cute picture of your grandkids and I'll make you a mouse pad. She whipped out this photo. I was teaching the makeup class and Saturday and looked at the Level 1 Animal Crackers preprinted papers and My stickease from Close to My Heart and thought, WOW, those go so well with that cute photo! So I cut one of the pages down to fit the mousepad and used the mystickease and it literally took me about 3 mins. to create this adorable mousepad! What awesome gift ideas!! (The layout looks distorted because it's the mousepad plastic) To see any of the photos bigger you can just click on them!

Makeup Workshop Today and a fview of my workroom!

I had a few ladies who were on vacation last week and couldn't make the Level 2 class so they came over today. Here is a picture of my work room. My office is on the wall behind the shelves. You can see all the papercrafts I keep on the shelves. The shelves were actually an opening (window like opening) into the "formal dining area" behind it and when we bought the house I had a wall put in because I wanted wall space for my office in the "formal dining area". You can also see my wall of metal that I LOVE! I'll post details when I get the room finished. I have a "store" wall. I don't really have a "store." But I do keep some items on hand because I do a few craft shows and am gearing up to do some more this fall. I used to keep the products in the garage in plastic tubs but when we moved into this house I have room to keep them out and I like them out because I can see what I have and when a team member needs something I know what I have or when I customer wants something they can run over and get it. The "store" portion is really ONLY the metal cube portion of the wall, the bookshelves are my personal paper storage. We actually have a living room, family room and a playroom in this house, so I took over what would "in a normal house" the formal dining room as my "office and personal scrapbook area" and the family room as my "workroom" and the playroom is the entire area above the garage upstairs is the area we use as the "family room/playroom" as the youngest child in our family is about to turn 9 on Halloween.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Animal Cookie Level 2 Layouts

We will be making these layouts at my home on Friday night! Email me if you'd like or attend or you can order the materials to make them at your own home or schedule a party and let me show you how to make them!! (It helps if you have a cutie like my Hunter, but you could use your pets or even adults, I do have some fun photos of my team at the Albuquerque Zoo that I was tempted to use and then use the numbers to label each person, but I knew that Hunter would be so pleased to see these layouts, so I used his photos as a surprise! Love ya baby (even though you are a big tough 10 year old going to Middle school!!))

Animal Cookies Level 2 Paper Packets, Animal Cookies My Stickease, Summer Craft Buttons, Natural Assortment Embroidery Floss, Foam Die Cut Numbers, Liquid Glass

BackCountry Level 2 Kit

These layouts were made with Back Country Level 2 Paper Packet and Back Country My Stickease Kit and Dimensional Elements Adventure! Fast, Easy Pages, you can order the supplies to create this layout your self or schedule a party at your home!

Tinkerin Level 1 Kit

These layouts are all made with a Tinkerin Level 1 Kit, and nothing else!! What a great deal!! These layouts are featured in the Summer Catalog! This was the class I will be teaching on September 1! If you'd like to make these pages, you just need to sign up for the classes by emailing me at by Aug 18, cost $15.00! We can do this class at your home! Call me now to schedule a class at your home and earn free gifts!!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Happy 3rd Anniversary

To my Hunk of Burning Love Husband Harry, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! Has it only been three years!!! We've sure packed a lot of living into three short years!!

Wall Scrapbook Canvas

Back by POPULAR demand I am teaching this scrapbook class again on Tuesday, August 11, $20.00. Includes the canvas and your choice of a Level 2 Paper Packet from my stock on hand, transparency with your choice of wording and all embellishments! Please email me at or call me at 702-432-7488 to reserve a spot now! Bring a color copy of your 8x10 photo!

My personal scrapbooking space

I LOVE my personal scrapbooking space and it's a good thing because I spend the majority of my "free" time here. The first picture is a picture of my ROBOT vacumn. I had to include it because it makes my life SO much easier and EVERYONE asks me, do ROBOTS really work?? YES they do, however, you STILL probably still have to do the edges, etc., every once in a while or at least I do because I have three very LARGE dogs and they bring in a LOT of that lovely NEVADA dirt. When Harry and I got married I went through about six vacumns in about five months because DOG hair clogged all of them, there is NOTHING to clog in a Robot. LOVE IT!! Got it for $99 at BIG LOTS!!
Picture Number Two shows off my InkStak that I got from and painted it Tomato Spice along with the Ribbon Stak from the same website. LOVE them. The Ribbon stak no longer houses ribbon and is currently a mess HOLDING items from the 2010 discontinued list that will be on sale at my OPEN HOUSE on Sept. 4. (Thanks to Brent & Erin Grotegut for being so KEWL!!)

Under the window are my Crop and Style drawers that I get at Roberts Crafts in St. George, UT every time I go up with a 40% or 50% coupon as they are $60-80. I come home and put one set together every time. The one set of doors with magnetic fronts I had already and put the flashing on with leather screws that Mandy got from from tandy leather, the screws are cute, they have flowers on them, it's all about CUTE screws, you know!! (Thanks to Mandy and Bayden Grover for keeping it cute!!)
The third and fourth pictures are of my scrapbook Inspector Gadget desk open (YIKES) and shut (WHEW!!) that is incredibly fun and versatile. Got it from I was too cheap to pay $250 for shipping so I drove to SLC and got it right from the nice folks who make it (in a house, each room has different parts) and paid $250 for hotel and gas and a fun weekend with a friend! LOL!!

The glass jars are just fun (love the labels, so appropriate!), they sit on top of my Crop & Style drawers, I saw them at Roberts Craft store in St. George last year and loved them so Harry adn the kids bought them for me for Mother's Day. They house ribbon, binder rings, and those flat florist marbles. The last photo shoes my drawers along the window (I just moved them again and I like them here) and my computer amoire from Office Depot. LOVE it, it opens up and pulls out and I can (when it's cleaned up, shut the doors and hide the mess inside!!) When I finish organizing my workroom I'll post more photos! Leave a comment with your favorite organizing idea!! (This is what you see from my front door (as you look past Samantha's beautiful Sweet Leaf couch!)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Emporium Office in a Box

Mandy made this CUTE gift, she covered it with Emporium Level 2 Paper Packet papers and embellishments!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Gift ideas using That's Amore Level 2 Paper Packet

More gifts from the Coaches retreat! I think Erin Edwards made these gifts. She covered a notebook with That's Amore Paper and decorated it. Then she took an acrylic picture frame and made a layout in the picture part to help enhance the photo. Clever girl that Erin!! Both projects use That's Amore Level 2 Paper Packet and Close to My Heart stamps! Congratulations to Janice Hodgkins, who drew the lucky number and received these gifts!!

Lake Mead & Hoover Dam, Simply Amazing

As I was driving home from our Team Retreat in Flagstaff, AZ, I had to drive over Hoover Dam, since 9-11, they have been building a new bridge, HIGH above the existing dam that we now cross when driving from Nevada to Arizona. It is simply AMAZING the way they build this, a truly awe inspiring site. Every time I see it I am mesmerized! Here are photos I took this last time!

Monday, August 3, 2009

That's Amore Covered Spiral Notebook

Trish brought these cute Spiral Notebooks to the Retreat in Flagstaff. She covered with That's Amore Level 2 paper, Dimensional Elements Alphabet and sassy strands. Cute, fun, gift idea!! Everyone got a notebook with their monogram!

Get FREE paper Packets Aug. 3-17!!

Order from my myctmh website and earn FREE paper packets Aug. 3-17!! check out the details here,

Kassidy's a Papercrafter

I had to take a picture of Kassidy making her Girl's Camp Secret Sister papercraft projects to prove that she actually papercrafted since she REFUSES to papercraft. I've been a Close to My Heart consultant for 18 years so she was "born into the business" and she thinks that she can just say the word and I will make whatever she wants. Well, I think that SHE should learn how to make things herself now and have for a few years. My 8-year-old son is constantly into my paper and glue and scissors and creating cards for me. My only daughter, however, is NOT so inclined. However, she did make the matchbook scrapbook, suckers, and a scrapbook explosion box for her secret sister at Girl's Camp!! Here she is working on her projects at her computer desk! Perhaps there is hope yet that she will join her Mother and her Grandmother as a Close to My Heart consultant when she is 18 or older!!

Real Life. Real Scrapbooks. Real Time.

Check out the amazing NEW Studio J Online Design Software…

I am beyond excited about this!!! Please contact me with any questions you have at We were able to see this program in action and it is simply amazing!! It is so EASY, it's magical!! You're not going to believe it!! I can't wait for you to be able to use it FREE of charge whenever you like to make fast, easy projects 24/7 from the comfort of your own home! You'll be able to catch up your personal scrapbooks, make duplicate copies for friends, and family, and/or create gift albums with or without photographs!! The possibilities are endless with Studio J!! Coming SOON to my website!!!

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