Monday, July 27, 2009

Young Women's Values Toosie Pops made by Kassidy

Kassidy cut out the Young Women's Values using a Circle Punch (I have a thing for circle punches) and glued them onto the center of cardstock flowers and then used glue dots to attach them to Tootsie Pops (because her secret sister's favorite candy is chocolate and well, we were afraid chocolate suckers would melt, so this was the next best thing).

Doggie Drama

Our labrador Cappy's (short for Captain Moroni) tail has been bleeding for about a week. I was going to take him to the vet on Monday because he has been shedding BIG TIME and loosing chunks of his hair all of a sudden (like for the last two weeks, ever since it went from 80 to 120 overnight.). I was totally convinced that he had some weird disease and I was going to have to put him to sleep and was freaking out because I knew my kids would be devastated!! At first we just noticed stuff on the cabinets and fridge in the kitchen and couldn't figure out what it was, then realized it was blood from his tail. Kassidy cleaned it up and a few days passed and nothing. Cappy's tail is like a stick, it hurts when it hits you and it is constantly wagging. In fact I had trouble taking photos of it because everytime you look at him he wags it. So I guess it couldn't heal because he would break it open every time he got happy which is constantly!! Then it happened again. we cleaned his tail and tried to bandage it, it lasted one minute and he had the bandage (we had wrapped it with gauze). So we tried again cleaned it with peroxide and taped it all the way up and down. NADA! a few days went by and we had blood marks all over the kitchen again. Then Harry noticed him CHEWING ON HIS TAIL!! So we thought he had hurt it and then when it healed, it itched, so he would chew it again. So we tried liquid bandage. Didn't work. Then Sunday he chewed so bad that we could NOT get the bleeding to stop at all, there was blood ALL over the ktichen!! Kassidy was completely ready for church and was a mess covered in blood and shedding white hair and crawled into the back of the explorer (we put a tarp and some doggie blankets in the back). We had to take him to the Emergency Animal Center because of course our regular vet is not open on Sundays. When the vet saw him she just laughed, I guess Labs have a history of chewing on their tails! DUMB DOGS!! She said, this breed just does that, sometimes we have to cut off the end of their tails!! What the heck??? So they bandaged him up, told us to buy special vitamins and food for his dry skin (that's why he is loosing all his hair), and take him to our regular vet every week for the next three weeks to change his bandage (they put an ace bandage on--who would'a thunk?). I went to school to be a teacher so that I didn't have to deal with puke, poop, or blood. Then I had kids, then I had pets. I should've been a doctor because I deal with puke, poop, and blood. SCHOOL is the only place I get to ring the call button and someone else cleans it up!!! Kassidy wants to be a vet, so I guess our pets are training her!! Stupid STUPID dog!! Does he look repentant? Oh, and we can chalk up ANOTHER vet that thinks he may be mixed with GREAT DANE!! So much for a pure breed lab.....We love his guts though and the kids would be devastated if anything happened to him.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Girl's Camp Matchbook Mini Album

My daughter Kassidy doesn't like to papercraft. When we were shopping for ideas for gifts for her secret sister at Girl's Camp we ran across some papercraft ideas. We had a lot of fun making these items and she actually enjoyed herself! :) (I knew she would once I could pry her away from reading and texting long enough to TRY it!!). This is a matchbook mini album she made for her secret sister. It was SO easy!! We used a cropdile to punch the holes in the side and tied organdy ribbon from Close to my Heart through it. The Black cardstock is also from Close to My Heart. We got the Girl's Camp patterned paper from Pebbles in My Pocket as well as the preprinted pages but they would be VERY easy to make yourself but we were in a time crunch and I didn't want to have to bother since it was the last minute (we had procrastinated). It was very fun, quick, and easy!!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

That's Amore Photo Block

This photo block was a gift at our retreat. It is simply covered with Close to My Heart Level 2 That's Amore Level 2 paper and accessories! Very cute!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Whoops A Daisy Acrylic Album

This fun acrylic album was made by Debra Almanza, it shows off her bright cheery style!! It uses Whoops a Daisy Level 2 paper packet and My Stickease!!

If you LOVE this paper, you'll want to order it NOW because it is on the 2010 retired list an will no longer be available as of December 31, 2009! To order shop my website:

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Animal Cookies Paper Bag Gift by Sue Latta

Sue Latta made this gift bag using Animal Cookies Level 2 papers and filled it with Close to My Heart products! It's SO adorable!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Debra's Cute Roommate Gift

Debra Almanza made these cute little fabric bags and filled them with all types of fun goodies for her roommates. She even made us night masks with our names on them! Thanks Debra!! You are Amazing!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Silhouette Corkboard

This corkboard frame is covered with Close to My Heart Level 2 Silhouette Paper. It was a gift. We each make three gifts and put them on a table. You put three tickets in a box and throughout the crop we pull tickets. When your name is pulled you get to choose a gift. Keep watching my website for more gift ideas!!

That's Amore Acrylic Album

I taught a scrapbook album class where we made "yearbooks." Each attendee got to choose a Close to My Heart Level 2 Paper Pack and create her own album and then we wrote "yearbook notes" in each other's albums.

This is the beginning of Mandy's album and Buffie's album. They used Close to My Heart Rub ons and Just Blooms flowers and That's Amore Level 2 Paper Packet. More Level 2 packets will be shown in other posts!

These albums are so fun! You can do it as a Things I Love about..... or Things We celebrate about.... I have several examples on my website!

Blessed by the Memory of Samantha Blair-Boutelle

Through a series of some will say unfortunate events, after the death of Samantha, I ended up with her beloved dog Max (thanks Brock for giving him to us) and Samantha's Sweet Leaf Sofa. I feel blessed to have two items that were so well loved by Sam! I know that Samantha loved Max like her child and I am certain that no matter how much we love Max that we will never be able to treat him as well as she would like! That's just Sam! She's a tiger Mom, just like the rest of us Blair Moms!

I am lucky that I ended up buying her Sweet Leaf sofa as well. She spent a lot of time picking it out and loved it! It matches our house and since our dogs ate our leather couch, we had room for it downstairs!

Hunter and Ryan have both LOVED having a shorter, milder dog. Hunter can control Max easily on a leash and enjoys taking him for walks. Ryan likes Max because he is calmer and he can sort of cuddle with Max (even though Max is too big for his lap). I suspect that Max is Hunter and Ryan's favorite dog even though he is the newest. All of our dogs are between 2 and 3 years old so they are pretty much in the same stage of exuberant life!

Here is Hunter taking Max for the fourth walk of the day (good for BOTH of them!). And a picture of Samantha's Sweet Leaf Sofa!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Mandy's Yummy Roommate Gift

I don't now where Mandy got these cute jars, but she just stamped on a piece of That's Amore Paper and then wrapped it around the jar with Sassy Strands. Then she filled the jar with yummy Reisen candy, the caramels were especially good. Thanks Mandy!

Emporium Level 2 Paper Packet Acrylic Albums

I taught an Acrylic Album Class we called it a "yearbook" and each attendee wrote in the other attendees yearbook. My example is posted previously using Emporium papers but I also previously posted an example using Stardust that I made for my Hunk of Burning Love Husband, and one with Boomdiada that I made for my principal's birthday gift from the staff. These examples all use the Emporium paper packet but were made by Jean Buhl, Erin Edwards, and Kortney Hall. You get to see three different styles from three awesomely creatively friends of mine!! They used Close to My Heart Acrylic Albums, Window Charms, Rubons, and more!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

I got this lovely award from a fellow blog follower! Thanks to Barb ( for nominating me! What a great honor!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Bling Roommate Gift

I found these cute bling pink tealight hangers at Roberts. I filled them with chocolate, flower tags from Close to My Heart and a ADHESIVE ERASER!! I love these to get those pieces adhesive off your paper!! I gave one to each of my roommates and all of my club members!

Student ID Swap

The theme for our Coaches Retreat was Stamp Camp University. Buffie hosted a swap where we all made student ID cards and swapped them. Then she taught us how to make the cute clear bag to keep them in! The clear bag is made with Cocoa Cardstock from Close to My Heart and decorated with our awesome Rub-ons!!

Cute Paper Bag & Paper Clip made by Sue

Using the new Bella Level 2 Kit from Close to My Heart!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Altered CTMH My Creations Cube

This altered My Creations cube was designed by Erin Edwards using Emporioum Level 2 Paper Pack and My Stickease. Schedule this class at your own home or email me to attend a class at my home!, order a kt to make it $20.00.
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