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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New Email Reminders

New Reminder Email Lists! (Sign up for email reminders by June 30 and your name will be in a drawing for a $50 gift certificate to redeem through me!!)

Please read the details for each class below, if you would like to be added to an email list to remind you of each of the following events, please email me by emailing me at and asking to be added to whichever reminders you want to receive!! This new feature allows you to tailor the email reminders you'll get.

Here are the list of email reminders you may choose to receive:

Level 1-Simply Scrapbooking (These papers are preprinted and come with two sheets of mystickease for embellishments), cost $15.00. This class is for beginners, is very fast and simple and is four pages (two, two-page layouts). Ages 6-13 need an adult to assist them with this class. Ages 14 and up are able to attend on their own.

Level 2-Simply Creative Scrapbooking (This class features four pages (two, two-page layouts). You will be cutting paper and using my stickease to embellish, cost $20.00 order plus you’ll need to purchase an embellishment kit (masticate and embellishments) each month, cost $6.00-$10.00 depending on the embellishments, you can preorder the kit each month as part of your $20.00 order. Ages 14 and up.

Level 3-Technique of the Month Scrapbooking Class (this class features two pages (one, two-page layout). You will be cutting paper and using stamps and using a different technique each month. This class is generally $22-25.00 and includes all the materials to create the Level 2 pages at home on your own or at my free crop night!! (So you’ll get all the materials to complete SIX pages, (three two-page layouts). This is an advanced class!! Ages 16 and up!

Card Class-Cards will vary

Crop Night-FREE come and work at your own pace, you can use my stamps, inks, and purchase paper by the sheet. I have a mini store in my classroom now so if you need items RIGHT AWAY, you can drop in and get them!!

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