Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Vintage Travel Mediterranean Cruise Album

I was lucky enough to go on a Creating Keepsakes CKU Mediterranean Cruise with Lisa Bearnson in October 2006. I went with my friend April and the gals at our table were so much fun! We had a blast. I made these pages using Level 2 Vintage Travel papers and I have just finished some more using Close To My Heart's new online design studio, Studio J. I'll add them to the slideshow when I get them! I like to add a mini album to pages when I have a lot of photos to make the pages interactive so I don't have to make so many pages!!

Caprice HOME album

I've been ALMOST finished with this album forever it seems. Everyone is begging me to finally hold it, so here it is ALMOST finished.... I promise to finish it before the class.....

To register to take this class, you'll need to send me a check, cash, or paypal me $60 to kimspapercrafts@gmail.com.

Price includes:

Z1197 Dark Cocoa 9x9 Album, $22.95
Level 2 Caprice Paper $12.95
Caprice My Stickease $8.95
All the ribbon (ribbon may be slightly different) and embellishments to complete the entire album in one day!!

Lunch is included!!

Cost $60.00, prepaid by December 23, Class to be held on Tuesday, December 29, 10 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Wedding Acrylic Album

One of my coworkers saw the album I made for our principal last spring. She begged me to make a wedding album for her to give to her friend. During the summer I had no way to contact her so it didn't get done. This fall she hit me up again to make it for her friend's Christmas gift.

There is nothing I like LESS than making an album for someone else, so I put it off until the last moment. I don't know why I didn't say NO!! (I think I did but she was persistent and I will learn to stick to my guns someday).

Anyway, she wanted it green and silver and I told her I didn't have silver but I wanted to use Emporium. She said okay but she didn't want me to add colors to it or layer colors behind the photos. THAT was a tall order, I like to layer. I finally ended up blinging it out with Close to My Heart Sparkles since she wouldn't let me add layering buttercup, cocoa, or Twilight behind the photos. I had sparkles EVERYwhere, even on my shoes.... LOL!!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

White Chocolate Popcorn

I made white chocolate popcorn for Stamp Camp and all the girls wnated me to tell them how. Well, here goes.

It's SO easy!!

Pop three bags of microwave popcorn or 1 cup of popcorn kernels. Dump into a brown paper grocery bag. Melt two bags of white chocolate and pour on top. Close bag and shake up. Pour onto a flat baking sheet. Let harden. Drizzle with colored melted chocolate.

I made this to fill up the cake pans I etched. YUMMY!!

Glass Etching

When my cousin Samantha died I washed some dishes that were in her sink and I found a class cake pan with her name etched in it. It brought back the memory of her calling me to tell me she had made it in homemaking and how cool it was. I couldn't wrap my brain around her description but I do remember her excitement and telling me how to do it. When I held it in my hands it was the weirdest experience. I SO wanted that cake pan but so did her husband. So I decided to make some for MY friends for Christmas. We are always going to potlucks and taking food to people so I know that our names etched into a pan would be AWESOME, plus pretty..... AND I will remember Samantha every time I see/use it.

So here goes, it is SO easy!!

I NEVER use my cricuit. When I do it's usually for NON scrapbooking projects like my classroom. So I was excited to use it today. I learned how to glass etch with rubber stamps LONG ago. You simply stamp the image you want to etch onto contact paper (any color) using our staz on ink. Then cut out the image you stamped and use the "reverse mat" and stick it to the item you want etched. Simply paint on Etch ALL or Armor Etch (available at Michael's) wait 60 seconds and wash off with water. It's THAT easy!

Today because I was doing SEVERAL cake pans and I have a very limited amount of time I wanted to use the cricuit.

I used the alphalicious font at 1 1/2" and put in the names I wanted to put on the side of the cake pan and cut my vinyl to fit the 12x12 sticky mat. When the buffer was full, I would "cut" the names and then input more and cut again. It started where it left off. Then I changed the font to Accent Essentials and printed several of #16 (because I liked it the best but it was a bit of a pain because it is so intricate, something more solid would be easirer). The longer names like KIMBERLY didn't really have room for the #16 design but you could use a smaller design.

Then cut out the REVERSE MASK (normally the scraps) and stick to the side of the pan. Put a thick edge of Armor Etch on top, wait 60 seconds, and then wash off with water.

I purchased ONE Of the cake pans a long time ago at Albertson's on sale for $9.99, the others I bought this week at WALMART with LIDS on sale for $9.99.

If you are on my Christmas list you are probably getting one, so don't go make yourself one--LOL!!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Birthday card from Close to My Heart

Close to My Heart corporate office sent me a birthday card made with Grace Level 2 papers. Love the beautiful colors in this paper pack. THANKS Close to My Heart!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Director's gift from Close to My Heart

WOW! Close to my heart sent us the coolest gift! I loved it when I opened it and thought it was a bling heart keychain, but it gets even better! It's a jump drive!! YIPPEE SKIPPY!! What a fun way to disguise it!! LOVE IT!! Thanks Close to My Heart! Also pictured is the card that came with it!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Jingle Scrapbook Kit Class

Last day to sign up for this class at my home is Sunday, December 6! Class is Friday night, 6:30, December 11 or Saturday monring, December 12, 11:00 a.m., your choice!

Cost includes all supplies pictured above!! $29.95 plus s/h or tax OR you can order it to go anytime!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Mellor Pratt Wedding in Zion's National Park Slideshow

A Wedding In Zion's National Park

I have a couple of friends that I've been friends with for SO long that they've become family. I call their children my nieces and my kids think they are cousins. My husband keeps telling me don't tell them they are cousins, they aren't! But they've been adopted by my heart so I think they are! I met Dania in about 1980 through the men we were with at the moment (we ditched the men and kept each other) we've been through lots of laughter and tears! That's what makes us family! I have lots of memories of her girls crawling around my house as babies, toddlers, and now as women, they are my friends. I also have memories of MY toddlers at Mandy's wedding which will make anyone who remembers smile, but will embarrass my now teenager to death so I better not type it here! This latest wedding was beautiful and fun! I haven't been to Zion's for years and it was a perfect day! We had directions to stop and ride a shuttle and right when we got into town we saw a shuttle sign so we stopped and got on, apparently it was the TOWN shuttle, not really the right shuttle, but we got a nice trip through town and dropped off at the RIGHT shuttle at Zion. LOL! It's a beautiful time of year to be at Zion, cool, and leaves turning, which is a treat for anyone from Nevada, whe don't really get to see FALL. The wedding was right beneath a huge tree in the center of the lawn in front of the Zion lodge. Of course, having to ride the shuttle, the bride was LATE!! Jake was a little stressed out about that! But it was worth the wait! Angela looked like a bride right out of a magazine! I even thought her dad was going to cry walking her down the isle! Greggor as the ring boy was so cute and kept smling up at his mom with the biggest smile on his face! Angela's side of the wedding ceremony was overwhelmed with "family." Having been around for so long, I know them all, even all the members of her father's family. It was fun to see them all. Kassidy got to go to the wedding with Harry and I (her dad wasn't happy but in the state of Nevada, once the kids are 14 they get to choose and she chose to go to her cousin Angela's wedding). Hunter and Ryan were very sad they didn't get to go. Angela lived with us for a short time when Hunter was three or four years old and seeing her in her wedding dress it's not hard to wonder why Hunter would sit at his xylophone and bang on it and sing, "Oh, Angela, Angela, oh, Angela" all the time. (I so wish I had a picture of that!!)

April's Pumpkin Nothing Bundt Cake

My friend April camp to visit our stamp camp and brought us one of her Pumpkin Nothing Bundt Cakes (her store is in Salt Lake, she was in Henderson for her High School reunion, convenient for us, it was SO yummy!) Thanks April!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Christmas Card Workshop From Wishes using Jingle Paper

Shari Cheeseman Yates taught use this Christmas Card Workshop using Jingle Level 2 Papers and our new Glitter Rub-ons. She cautioned us to remember when created a Christmas card workshop--Create cards that are NOT bumpy and NOT 6x6 so they do not cost extra POSTAGE!!

Cutting Acrlyic Stamps

During Shari's awesome Christmas card workshop, someone asked me if they could cut my Merry Christmas Stamp in half. I said, "OF COURSE!" That is why I LOVE acrylic stamps!!! Mandy screamed and said NO!! And here is her reaction when SUE cut it anyway!! LOL, we laughed at her and set her straight! That is why we LOVE acrylic, because we can cut them and put them back together, they are SO versatile!!

Gift Box Gift Holder Card using Jingle Level 2 Paper

Jean taught us how to make this fun gift card holder gift shaped card. She also taught us how to use the write and rub pen to add detailed glitter to a card or paper! We had glitter on our hands, in our hair, we had glitter everywhere!! We also used liquid applique on Santa's hat and puffed it and then for a smooth look, put it on his beard and didn't puff it.

Stamp Camp Girls working HARD!!

My three sons, ah, hum, I mean dogs

My precious poochs were oh so very sad to be locked out of all of the fun! Here they are putting on their best pitiful front to be let out to play with us! Max (basset), Kix (Collie) and Captain Moroni (Lab)

Jean's Mega Multiple Embossed Swag

Jean made this swag for her secret sister by embossing the dimensional elements multiple times to make them VERY shiny and thick! FUN!!

Campers working and during a shake and break! Beth made use do some stretching!

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