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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Team Photo Scavenger Hunt

DISCLAIMER--It was RAINING, and it was the last day of stamp camp, many previous nights of NO SLEEP, so everyone was mad that we took so many pictures on this day--we definitely DO NOT look our best! But boy did we have fun!

Stamp Camp 2008

Team Photo Scavenger Hunt

Rules: Get as many of these photo op’s as you can in 15 minutes. A different person must take each picture, bonus points for getting the whole team in the picture (a stranger takes the picture). Earn points for creativity, the most photos from the list, being the quickest, most in focus (can I recognize everyone!). Have fun and Good Luck!

1. The whole team on one bed

2. The whole team with the person working the front desk.

3. The whole team “in” the pool

4. The whole team in/on a car

5. The whole team on a piece of workout equipment (same piece, same time)

6. The whole team wearing hats (may be borrowed from others or handmade)

7. The whole team eating (bonus, everyone is eating chocolate)

8. The whole team stamping

9. The whole team with a stranger wearing stamp camp colors

10. The whole team standing in front of the Embassy Suite Sign

Your done! Hurry back!

Guess what--OUR TEAM WON! ! YIPPEE!! I'm not sure we have recovered yet and the maid looks really scared of us, doesn't she? LOL!!

I don't have the photos of the other teams!

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