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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Stamp Camp Gifts

Every consultant attending stamp camp brings three wrapped, stamping-related gifts. Everyone takes home three gifts. For each gift you bring you get to put your name in a drawing. We draw the tickets throughout stamp camp. The prizes are awesome and creative and there were more, but somehow I didn't get pictures of all of them! One of my favorite parts of stamp camp is to see all the fun gifts!


  1. could you show/explain to me more how the cover of the weekly planner works? I have one & just use it plain...but it'd look better cute!

  2. Hi Erica!

    We just basically purchased the weekly planner from Close To My Heart, then we made a 9x9 page for the front of the cover, then we made a pocket page for the inside front cover and a plainer 9x9 page for the back cover. (Basically three 9x9 scrapbook pages). Then we added photo hangers to the side of the pages for each month and tied a bow. We added bulldog clips at the top (or binder clips) with a piece of ribbon tied on also as a place marker. Hope that answers your questions!


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