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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My new teacher tote!

I love this tote I made tonight at a workshop while I was teaching everyone else to make these, I decided to make one. I made it for my new job teaching Kindergarten this fall. I think I can be a walking advertisement for CTMH workshops! What a great gift for a teacher! I think I had so much fun making it I may make one for the other kindergarten teachers, or should I just tempt them so that they'll book a workshop to make their own??? LOL!!

I used a Level 1 kit, LOVE IT!! (This was my first try at putting beads in the handle and I lived through it, it actually was easy and I love the look! THANKS Mandy, Judy, and Rene!) Oh, and thanks to Dana Kessler who came up with the project in the first place!!! And Keri and Keri for doing it so I could! LOL!! Love ya all!

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