Monday, June 30, 2008

Boomdiada Card by Karen Morris

I wanted to show you this cool card by Karen Morris, it's so cute! But I also wanted to show you what I did with the first photo I took with my cell phone, see how ugly it was, then I did a quick fix with adobe photoshop elements, and wha-la--what a difference, how bright the colors are! Thank goodness for computer technology!!

Friday, June 27, 2008

From Craft Critque

June 27, 2008
Close to my Heart - Create-a-Shade Paint
Reported by Katie Renz

Today, I'm reviewing Close to my Heart's acrylic paint called Create-a-Shade Paint in Pearl (page 99 - bottom right corner). This particular paint is exclusive to this company and comes in a 2 oz. tube. Here is the description of this paint straight from their current catalog:

"This great acrylic paint is translucent when dry. Use it to add a pearly finish to nearly any surface. Try mixing it with re-inker to create coordinating shades. Paint and re-inker combination not recommended for metal accessories."

In all honesty, paint isn't something that I use, ever. I have a couple of bottles of Delta Ceramcoat because the craft stores have them on sale, but I have never used it, so this article was a learning experience for me. I decided to try the Create-a-Shade because I liked the idea of the "shimmer" in this paint, as well as the fact that I didn't have to choose from a huge variety of paints. I know that sometimes we like lots of choice, but often times if there is too much variety, I just don't bother.

There were a couple of things that I was looking for with this paint. What would it look like by itself, how it would look colored, and what types of surfaces I could use it on? After applying the paint to the options that I had at home, I was very pleased with my results. Here is a picture of the tests that I did:

I wrote what my examples were and if you click on the picture, you should be able to see what they all say and get a close up view, but here is a list of what I used starting from the left upper corner going around clockwise: Papertrey ink Sweet Blush Cardstock, small piece of Paper Accents Acetate, Georgia Pacific cardstock from Walmart, Chocolate Textured Cardstock from Close to my Heart, a transparency, and finally vellum on the bottom left. I also used a couple of techniques, some different tools to apply my paint, as well as coloring my paint with Close to my Heart reinkers. (Note: the tools that I used were Close to my Heart Texture Tools and Paint Brushes)

Here are some more pictures of product that I altered with the paint. The top flowers are ones found in the wedding section of Michaels, the flowers underneath those are Primas, the scallop punches were stamped with a SU! Rubber stamp, and the chipboard was some from my stash. There's a little note for the coloring of the paint that is on the scallops. I have a very limited supply of re-inkers, but I wanted a yellow so I grabbed a yellow Copic Marker and scribbled on my plastic paint tray, then quickly added paint and mixed. It worked well enough to color my paint. Clearly this wouldn't work for a large amount, but in pinch its a viable solution. Its difficult to tell, but the 3rd stamped yellow scallop had glitter applied to the image after stamping.

Here is a close up of the Prima Flowers that I painted with the paint in two different colors. I used Close to my Heart's Crystal Blue and Blush reinkers. Do you notice the beautiful shimmer to the flowers?And another close up of the chipboard. In this example, I painted and then used a stamp to remove a layer of paint to produce my images on my chipbaord. I have to say that I love how this piece turned out.
I really had a lot of fun with Close to My Heart's Create-a-Shade Pearl Paint. I felt like there were a lot of options and that your imagination is the only limitation. Yes, it does take experimenting and I would always suggest a test subject first to see how the paint and your surface work together.

One thing I noticed though, is that you do have to remember to limit the amount of dye put into the paint. I have a very limited color selection of re-inkers as I said before and my pink is lighter so I added quite a bit of reinker and it watered down the paint, which just means you have to do more coats. You also need to think in terms of time. I always washed my paint off my stamps, tray, tools, and surfaces immediately after I used them. The actual paint did not take that long to dry which allowed for coating several times within a short amount of time. I was able to put together my cards all in one evening, but for non tacky drying time I would give it overnight.

I have lots of pictures with this article, but I wanted you to be able to see in detail what this paint looks like and what it can do. Here are a couple of pictures of finished cards that I made using lots of this paint in various ways. The background stars were stamped with acrylic stamps and the paint. The whole card has a very ethereal, shimmery look to it. Perfect for a baby card.

This next card is extra shimmery. I painted my Swiss Dots Embossing Folder from Provocraft in my Cuttlebug machine to create the pink background (again easy cleanup), then just brushed the paint across my "mat" and again used a stamp straight onto the paint to create my branch, plus the painted Primas.All in all, I had a blast playing around with the Create-a-Shade paint and that is the heart of using this paint. You have to play with it and see how it works and looks on a variety of surfaces. Think in terms of stamping, background, different textures, coloring, etc.


* Beautiful shimmer
* Dries quickly (I found this to be a benefit for me)
* Takes color well


* The configuration of the tube is annoying. It is meant to stand up on its top, but I found that the paint always "burped" out and got goopy all over the top. I would recommend laying it on its side
* It does take layers of painting to get a good coat on (at least for the look I wanted)

The Create-a-Shade Paint can only be purchased from an Independent Close to my Heart consultant. Click -->HERE<-- for further information. Just follow the links to either find a consultant near you to order from or a consultant's website to order from.

The retail value is $2.95 for a 2 oz tube. I think the price is very reasonable and I did a lot of playing with it and have plenty left over. The paint is very creamy and easy to use and I would rate this product an 8 out of 10.

Because I am very inexperienced with the use of paint in my paper crafting, I would love it if you shared with our readers your own ideas or experiences using this paint or if you have some suggestions for using it.
Posted by Katie Renz at 6/27/2008
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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Scrapbook Retreat Article

This link was sent to me by my friend, Shila Wilkerson. Sheila has a wacky sense of humor and this article is pretty funny, and has some truths... All I can say is, ONE TIME AT STAMP CAMP.....

Circles on a Card

I love the way you can "Nest" stamps inside stamps and make them use different colors with acrylic stamps!

X7096B Blue Ribbon Level 2 Paper Packet
Z816 White Daisy Ribbon Rounds
Z2163 Exclusive Inks White Daisy Stamp Pad
C1234Simple Stitches
C1311 Lucky Stars
Z2116 Cranberry Ink Pad
Z2140 Outdoor Denim Ink Pad

Monday, June 23, 2008

Blue Ribbon Card

I used a card pattern from originals to make this card. I love using it as a cutting and design guide! This card uses Blue Ribbon Paper.

X7096B Blue Ribbon Level 2 Paper Packet
Z816 White Daisy Ribbon Rounds
Z284 Cranberry My Accents Accessories
Z2141 Outdoor Denim Ink Pad
C1312 United we stand
B1224 Let Freedom Ring
Z2163 Exclusive Inks White Daisy Stamp Pad
C1234Simple Stitches

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Boomdiada Card

This card was created by my upline Karen Morris. I took the photo at our team meeting today with my camera and the image was ugly. THanks to photoshop, it's all beautiful now! YIPPEE!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My new teacher tote!

I love this tote I made tonight at a workshop while I was teaching everyone else to make these, I decided to make one. I made it for my new job teaching Kindergarten this fall. I think I can be a walking advertisement for CTMH workshops! What a great gift for a teacher! I think I had so much fun making it I may make one for the other kindergarten teachers, or should I just tempt them so that they'll book a workshop to make their own??? LOL!!

I used a Level 1 kit, LOVE IT!! (This was my first try at putting beads in the handle and I lived through it, it actually was easy and I love the look! THANKS Mandy, Judy, and Rene!) Oh, and thanks to Dana Kessler who came up with the project in the first place!!! And Keri and Keri for doing it so I could! LOL!! Love ya all!

Nugget Purse

This cute little Nugget purse was inspired by Pam O'Conner!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Blue Ribbon Interactive Layout

This Layout was inspired by Janene Wawro, and the Summer CTMH Catalog

Each pocket on the 6 pocket page is intereactive! I love to put a ton of photos on a page, and this page helps me to hide my journaling (for the rest of the story) and pack a ton of pictures into a layout with a minimum of work! My kind of layout!

X7096B Blue Ribbon Level 2 Paper Packet
Z816 White Daisy Ribbon Rounds
Z284 Cranberry My Accents Accessories
Z1047 Dimensional Elements Simple Alphabet (Uppercase)
Z1046 Dimensional Elements Simple Alphabet (lowercase)
Z1043 Dimensional Elements Bookplates
Z2316 Cranberry Marker
Z2163 Exclusive Inks White Daisy Stamp Pad
Z1300 White Daisy Variety Pack, Just Blooms Paper Flowers
C1234Simple Stitches
Z4113 Photo Storage Pages (6 Pocket)
Z298 Winter Classic Collection Bigger brads

I got my Doctorate!!

I got my doctorate today in the mail from Close To My Heart! Here it is, a fabulous certificate along with a very cool pin to let you all know that I am well trained!!

28 Days

One of the assignments as to take a photo of somewhere I want to go, but haven't been yet..... Well, Belize works for me but I can't take a photo, so I had a hard time deciding. THEN yesterday I went to go to a new Teacher store and it wasn't open yet, and I didn't want to wait around in 103 degree heat for an hour, WHA-LA! Someplace I want to go that I haven't yet!! I am going to teach kindergarten in the fall, so I want to get a headstart now!! (Any excuse to shop, right?)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Our Babytime Expo Booth

We had a lot of fun at the expo. The Expo even filmed Judy demonstrating to a customer, so maybe you'll see her on TV someday! :)

Judy's Word Blooms at the Babytime Expo

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Henderson Craft Show Today

Thanks to Judy and Rene for helping me with the craft show today!! You gals ROCK!!

Friday, June 6, 2008

28 days

Photo assignment--Take a picture of a billboard or sign. I took a picture of the signs along Boulder Highway about Henderson because we just moved here this year!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Fun Scrapbook mugs, shirts, bags! Check this place out, lots of fun stuff!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

28 Days

Photo assignment: date book or calendar

Take a photo of whatever helps keep you organized. If it isn't a date book or calendar, then take a photo of your to-do list. Maybe you keep everything on an electric device, so whatever it is, click away!

Monday, June 2, 2008

28 days

Assignment--Take a photo of your bedroom--no fair cleaning! Okay, yikes, I didn't like the no fair cleaning part, but am so thankful that I finished unpacking MOST of the boxes upstairs last week so that it's not TOO disheveled..... We are mostly unpacked, but not finished hanging up things on the walls and last minute things to put away!

28 Days

Assignment--Photograph my comfi________________. I had a really hard time coming up with something COMFI...... Then I decided to do my bed, but then I had to photograph my bedroom, so decided on my pillow..... I do love it! I love that it is kingsize and long, and I take it with me on road trips. I want to cuddle with it when I am sick!

28 Days

Today's assignment was to photograph something you have on display. I wanted to pick something I hadn't already taken a photo of, it was hard thinking of something that was meaningful. My grandfather bought this cabinet for my grandmother. It is in my bedroom right now because I am deathly afraid that all of these rambunctious little boys will break the curved glass and I won't be able to replace it! It houses memorabilia from my childhood, my children's babyhood and Harry's memorabilia.

28 days

Assignment--Take a photo of your laundry!
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