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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Good Times Layout

I originally made this layout at Regional Celebration in February, but I just put photos in it today! I added hidden journaling tags. I am REALLY into adding hidden journaling so you see the pictures but to know the story, you have to pull out the tags and read so that there is a LOT of room on the page for photos! I have been rethinking my scrapbooking and really try to record the MEMORY, not just what we did. I also got two different books about traveling with your children and where to take them. One was called something like 1000 places to take your children before they grow up. I was amazed to see some places that I've been SEVERAL times in my life as they were close to Farmington, NM, where I grew up and where my parents still live. I go there often, but don't stop to "tourist" or visit places that my kids need to see! So I've been trying to take them to different places each time we visit. This time we visited LaPlata Canyon and Durango, CO and did things I enjoyed doing with my family when I was a child--Bar-D Chuckwagon (still as fun and yummy as I remember and the kids loved it all, especially the train ride), Alpine Slide at Purgatory (slide wasn't there when I was a kid, but I did learn to ski there--Poor Darren Stowell, and my cousin Don Reeves), Camping and hiking up LaPlata Canyon with my family! I remember hiking up waterfalls and sliding down with my grandparents, so of course, I had to make my kids do it! They had a blast!! I hope they remember it as fondly as I remember both my childhood and my adulthood watching them!

Back on track--To make a hidden journal tag, I simply make the tag smaller than the object I am hiding it behind (usually a photo) and then I put the layout in a page protector and put my cutting mat inside the page protector ALSO and then take my Close To My Heart cutting knife and slide it down the page (the paper or photo makes a nice ridge to follow with the cutting knife). Then I put a hole in the top of the cut and the bottom of the cut using the eyelet hole punch, then I remove the cutting mat and slide in the tag from OUTSIDE the page protector. The page on the other side is protected by a page protector also, SO it's not in danger from the little bit of tag that hangs out. And it's easily pulled out, read, and reinserted.

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