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Thursday, May 15, 2008

28 Days Day 3

Today's assignment was to take a picture of something you use everyday. My first thought was the computer because, well, it manages my LIFE! But Eve took a picture of her laptop, so I thought some more.... MY cute PINK phone!! Then I started thinking, but I can't READ anything on the darn phone without my new glasses! Okay, so I'm over 40 and along with other things they eyesight is going, well, GONE!! I need them SO much that I finally broke down and bought some "granny glasses" holder so that I can FIND them when I need them (I have pairs stashed everywhere around my house but can't find a pair when I need them). It doesn't really help that it's a cute Brighton necklace, they are STILL granny glasses!! Okay, well, now I must be getting into this picture a day thing because look how much I had to say about this one! LOL!! So I had to take a picture of the phone, the glasses, and the granny glass necklace because they all three go together!

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