Saturday, May 31, 2008

28 Days

Assignment--Take a picture of something that makes you smile! I was going to take a picture of me winning at Continental Rummy but then we went upstairs and this was even better!!

28 Days

The assignment is to take a picture of the view from my front door! Wha-la, my son riding his bike (and learning how to skid??)

Thursday, May 29, 2008

28 Days

Assignment, take a photo of your street sign.

28 Days

Assignment--Take a picture of your living room, right it is....

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

28 days

Assignment--Take a picture of something colorful! What is more colorful than stamp pads and markers!! Love this stamp pad and marker holder made by Erin Grotegut,

28 Days

Assignment--Take a picture of a stack of something! The only stack I have around here is this stack of stuff to hang on the walls in my family room that I am just about ready to unpack and hang!!

28 Days

The assignment was take a picture of your scraping space right now, no cleaning up. I wasn't sure whether to take a picture of the whole room or not, but here is my Forkeepsake cabinet, I love it!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

28 Days

The assignment is to take a picture of a group of family photos. Here is the stairwell.... I have pictures ALL over my house. I remember visiting Colette Nederhoff's house for the first time and i was struck by all the photos she had on display (and this was pre-Close to My Heart Days, when we were still DOTS and didn't really DO scrabooking). I wanted photos all over, so I started collecting frames and now they are ALL over my house, but the big ones of important extended family members are in the stairwell where we can see them every time we go up or down and connect with them and remember how much we love them.

28 Days

A place I visit on a weekly basis. I had a hard time deciding what this place actually is, because since we moved to Henderson I don't really GO anywhere! LOL!! So my choices were Von's Grocery Store, Ensign Federal Credit Union, and Harry suggested Curves, which is a little more exciting, I guess......

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Close to My Heart Mini Album made with Card Kit!!

This awesome concept of using a card kit to create a mini album was originated by team member Julie Jay! Enjoy!

28 Days

Today's assignment--Just for fun - do something special for yourself today! Light a candle, take a bubble bath, and enjoy some ice cream or other special treat. Just do a little something extra to bring a smile to your face -- you deserve it!

This assignment was PERFECT for today. Lauralyn and I went and had pedicures at Happy Nails on Silverado Ranch! They give the BEST ever pedicures for $32.00! My legs and feet tingled for hours, even while shopping at Costco! It was very yummy! We normally do the $21.00 pedicure, but the extra $10.00 was WAY WORTH IT!!

Card Organizer Workshop & Cards

This is the workshop I taught last night! This is one of my all time favorite workshops designed by Sue Laufer and Bren Yule! It was SO fast and easy but yet so trendy and kewl!! I've been wanting to make a card organizer forever and now I finally have one! ! And LOVE LOVE LOVE the Silhouette papers! Pam O'Conner tweaked the workshop a little and shared it with me, thanks Pam!

28 Days

Our assignment for today is to take a picture of the family's shoes!

28 Days

Our assignment today was to take a picture of our house! We just moved here in February and are trying to revive the yard, I hadn't taken a photo of the outside of the house because I was waiting for the yard to look better--LOL!! Oh well!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

28 Days Album

Eve brought over the album for our 28 days assignments. I decorated it today to match my office. I didn't exactly follow the rules, but here is the front, back, and inside "dedication page."

Good Times Layout

I originally made this layout at Regional Celebration in February, but I just put photos in it today! I added hidden journaling tags. I am REALLY into adding hidden journaling so you see the pictures but to know the story, you have to pull out the tags and read so that there is a LOT of room on the page for photos! I have been rethinking my scrapbooking and really try to record the MEMORY, not just what we did. I also got two different books about traveling with your children and where to take them. One was called something like 1000 places to take your children before they grow up. I was amazed to see some places that I've been SEVERAL times in my life as they were close to Farmington, NM, where I grew up and where my parents still live. I go there often, but don't stop to "tourist" or visit places that my kids need to see! So I've been trying to take them to different places each time we visit. This time we visited LaPlata Canyon and Durango, CO and did things I enjoyed doing with my family when I was a child--Bar-D Chuckwagon (still as fun and yummy as I remember and the kids loved it all, especially the train ride), Alpine Slide at Purgatory (slide wasn't there when I was a kid, but I did learn to ski there--Poor Darren Stowell, and my cousin Don Reeves), Camping and hiking up LaPlata Canyon with my family! I remember hiking up waterfalls and sliding down with my grandparents, so of course, I had to make my kids do it! They had a blast!! I hope they remember it as fondly as I remember both my childhood and my adulthood watching them!

Back on track--To make a hidden journal tag, I simply make the tag smaller than the object I am hiding it behind (usually a photo) and then I put the layout in a page protector and put my cutting mat inside the page protector ALSO and then take my Close To My Heart cutting knife and slide it down the page (the paper or photo makes a nice ridge to follow with the cutting knife). Then I put a hole in the top of the cut and the bottom of the cut using the eyelet hole punch, then I remove the cutting mat and slide in the tag from OUTSIDE the page protector. The page on the other side is protected by a page protector also, SO it's not in danger from the little bit of tag that hangs out. And it's easily pulled out, read, and reinserted.

28 Days Day 6

Todays assignment, take a picture of your mailbox. Hmm,,,,, I have nothing to say other than when I was a kid our mailbox was mounted on the wall by the front door and then when I was a teenager it was on a pole at the edge of the sidewalk, and now I have to walk down two houses and unlock it--PROGRESS? And postage seems to be going up faster, I can't even keep track, do they even print the amount on stamps ever anymore? It seems to change to fast. I have lots of different stamps and have no idea what amount they represent or even how much postage is today!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

X7099B Whoops-A-Daisy Level 2 Paper Packet
Z816 White Daisy Ribbon Rounds Collection
Z296 Summer Carmival Collection Bigger Brads
Z1043 Dimensional BookPlates
1514 Tombow Mono Adhesive
1772 Glue Dots
Z1279 VersaMat
Z338 Euro Personal Trimmer
Z534 Micro-Tip Scissors
9031 Reflections
Z2358 Watermelon Marker
Z2328 Hydrangea Marker
Z381 Dimensional Elements Classic Alphabet

Day 28 Day 5

I was so excited to see today's assignment to take a photo of your favorite drink! It gives me an excuse to go to Sonic! Because in my opinion Sonic has the VERY best soda! I love Dr. Pepper (my cousin got me hooked on it YEARS ago.) However it's not as good without the ice and the straw! I think I'm addicted to the ice and the straw, not the caffeine! I can't wait for the old/new Sonic to reopen so I can go ALL of the time again!

Day 28 Day 4

The assignent #4 is to take a picture of something that makes you smile....
Hmm, I wonder if I am cheating on this one! This is a picture I HAVE of something that makes me smile, not one I took today..... I LOVE Disneyland and just looking at those pictures made me smile! This is my family and friends on the Tower of Terror ride, one of my favorite rides!! I have to pay Hunter $5 to go on it each time because he hates it (or he's learned how to work me?) Disney brings back so many memories of my Mom, Lauralyn & her family, and Dawn and her family! LOVE DISNEYLAND!!! let's go! It's 4 1/2 hours from my door to Disney's door! Who wants to go with me!!??

28 Days Day 3

Today's assignment was to take a picture of something you use everyday. My first thought was the computer because, well, it manages my LIFE! But Eve took a picture of her laptop, so I thought some more.... MY cute PINK phone!! Then I started thinking, but I can't READ anything on the darn phone without my new glasses! Okay, so I'm over 40 and along with other things they eyesight is going, well, GONE!! I need them SO much that I finally broke down and bought some "granny glasses" holder so that I can FIND them when I need them (I have pairs stashed everywhere around my house but can't find a pair when I need them). It doesn't really help that it's a cute Brighton necklace, they are STILL granny glasses!! Okay, well, now I must be getting into this picture a day thing because look how much I had to say about this one! LOL!! So I had to take a picture of the phone, the glasses, and the granny glass necklace because they all three go together!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

28 Days Day 2

Today's assignment was to take a picture of the inside or outside of the refrigerator. I decided to take a picture of the OUTSIDE because we have been collecting magnets from our vacations since last year and I think they are fun and help my kids to retain the memories. And, well, we were in California for the weekend and I'm sort of scared to open up the refrigerator and see what is there! :)

28 Days Day1

Okay, so my friend Eve is taking this 28 days scrapbook class from Big Picture scrapbooking and has challenged me to do the photos..... So everyday I will be posting my photo and you'll see the end product when I'm done. (I don't know how Eve convinces me to do this stufF!) First one is a photo of my pantry (Okay, well, it took me aWHILE to buy into the whole NONCHRONOLOGICAL scrapbook thing, so I'll give it a try, right now I'm SKEPTICAL).....

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Make and Take at Rubberstamp and Scrapbook Expo Today

Today team members worked a Close to My Heart both at the Las Vegas Rubberstamp and Scrapbook Expo. My team leader designed two of the make and takes and I designed the other. Debbie Lochel and I ran three make and takes, just the two of us. We worked very hard! My make and take was inspired by Debra Almanza and Pam O'Conner!
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