Sunday, April 13, 2008

MY Cricut Mat is NOT STICKY!!

I just wanted to share this with you (it’s really from Sheila Wilkerson who saved my life this weekend!)

When your circuit mat gets unsticky and washing it doesn’t work, you can spray on the 3M spray on adhesive, just make sure it’s the repositionable one. You spray it on, let it dry for about one minute (just like our bonding memories adhesive) then use it and it’s repositionable! YIPPEE!!!

I went to buy replacement cutting mats for my Expressions and went to Michael’s—NONE, went to JoAnn’s and they only had the GIANT 12x24 one that is SO hard to work with!

So Sheila saved the day—THANKS SHEILA!!!


  1. What is the name of the sticky that you use on that mats?

    3M Spray Mount, Spray Adhesive

    It is in like a spray paint can.

    I put masking tape around the edge of my mat (outside the green box lines) so that it doesn't gum up the rollers on the cricut. I've "restickied" my mat twice and it's still cutting great!


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