Wednesday, April 30, 2008

In Memory of Whitney's Message (Stamp) in 1996

i was trying to find out how many years my team has had Stamp Camp, so I pulled out my team scrapbook and this layout from (Lauralyn and I figured out) Labor Day Weekend, 1996! I wanted to share it with my team to show them how scrapbooking has changed! They were VERY amused, I'm thinking TOO amused! BUT background paper had BARELY been invented and Close to My Heart was DOTS and not into scrapbooking yet! I was! LOL!! All that was out there was shape templates and a few decorative scissors and punches were HUGE! So there ya go! I believe there was another page and the mountains lined up--LOL! But I don[t know what happened to it! At least it was 8 1/2 x 11 so I could scan it easily!

We stayed up all night doing cards for an exchange (in those days we would take a stamp and do all kinds of things with it, I have stamper's sampler, fishing boy; calendar cuties, so fun--I couldn't bear to give away my favoirtes, so you get to see a few of Whitney's message because they are still kicking around my craft room AND THE COLORS HAVE NOT FADED--NOT ONE BIT!!)

New Storage

I got the drawers from Roberts Craft Store--I've been contemplating purchasing the cubes because you can move them around and rearrange and when I moved three times in two years the movers managed to break EVERY SINGLE cabinet, so I'm thinking cubes are a safer bet for moving things around (and I like to rearrange often).

BUT, they WAY expensive! So I had a coupon for 50% off so I bought the most expensive cube (of course), and then I had a 40% off so I got another one. I am taking Stacey Julian's Library of Memories and she wants you to put your photos in a metal index box, this is WAY cuter!

THEN I saw the revolving organizer at Target for $19.99 in Albuquerque and I had to have it! It's way cute! The top comes out and one side has elastic for pens (probably scissors at my house), and then two sides with drawers and photos (I put some fav. photos of our albuquerque trip in them) and a magnetic side where I put my convention brochure, since I am constantly referring to it! I don't know what else is going in it, but I['m sure I'll find some fun stuff to fill it up!


Sunday, April 27, 2008

Consultant Fun with Family at the Zoo

Some of the consultants met at the Albuquerque Zoo for lunch and a photo op with our families. We wanted to take a group photo on the tree branch but some kids were sitting on the easy to climb on side, so we had to climb up the tree. We were laughing SO hard! It was pretty scary! It was so fun to get together with our families and meet each other. We have a pretty nice group of kids! I love these ladies! They are some of my favorite people!

Albuquerque Manager's Dinner, Elephant Bar

I treated the manager's on my Albuquerque region to dinner at Elephant Bar. My family tagged along and sat at another table. The deserts were fabulous and HUGE!! Thanks Buffie, for suggesting the location!

Jean's Event Calendar

Jean's Serindipity Tag Book

Jean's File Folder Tag Book

Albuquerque Team Show N Tell

I held a team meeting in Albuquqerque, NM. These are some of the show and tell items and swaps. These ladies are amazing artists! I got caught up in talking and didn't get photos of all of the swap cards, but here is a sampling!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Cropadile Colors

Okay I searched high and low and found a GREEN cropadile at Roberts Crafts in St. George, Utah!

THEN at Scrapbook USA Expo I saw a LAVENDAR ONE!! They are SO pretty!! But green is my favorite color so I am happy with it but may have been tempted by the lavendar had I seen one at Roberts!

Cricuit Expressions Tips

Mandy Grover and I went to the Scrapbook USA Expo in Salt Lake City last weekend. We took a class and learned some fun cricuit tips:

#1--The directions on using the Provo Craft vinyl placement grid is WRONG on the package!
#2--If you run out of the vinyl placement grid, you can use contact paper, it works the same way..... :)

#3--To cut vinyl you need to do the kiss cut (on the baby bug (original cricuit) you put the pressure on 2, on the expressions you put it on low or medium.

#4--There is a feature on the expressions that will remember the cut and make it twice and you use it to cut chipboard! :)

Sunday, April 13, 2008

MY Cricut Mat is NOT STICKY!!

I just wanted to share this with you (it’s really from Sheila Wilkerson who saved my life this weekend!)

When your circuit mat gets unsticky and washing it doesn’t work, you can spray on the 3M spray on adhesive, just make sure it’s the repositionable one. You spray it on, let it dry for about one minute (just like our bonding memories adhesive) then use it and it’s repositionable! YIPPEE!!!

I went to buy replacement cutting mats for my Expressions and went to Michael’s—NONE, went to JoAnn’s and they only had the GIANT 12x24 one that is SO hard to work with!

So Sheila saved the day—THANKS SHEILA!!!

Sweet Pea Level 2, Layout from Imagine

These are some of the layouts we created last night at my club. We all used Level 2 Sweet Pea papers, and used the Fantastic Five layout guide from Imagine. Look at how different the pages turned out! Isn't it fun? You can use the same papers and the same guide and get SO many different looks! I will probably be adding more to this slideshow as I get all the pictures taken.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Going to Ireland!!

My daughter's band, Foothill High School, will be going to Ireland next year to march in the St. Patrick's day parade! I won't let her go without me! We are flying to Chicago, then to Dublin, making our way to Galway, and then flying back to Chicago via Shannon! It's the trip of a lifetime, I can't wait to take photos and create an awesome travel album!! March 14-21, 2009
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