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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Shopping at Archivers at the Mall of America

Archiver's is my favorite scrapbook store ever! I just went to Minnesota for a wedding so we had to stop at the Mall of America and check out Archivers! I got a cool cute purse with photo holders in it and a matching photo key ring. It has lots of fun compartments! I love it! I also got to see the new Big Bite Cropadile, YUMMY!! Keri Petit ordered them for us, I can't wait to get it. I found a case for my Cropadile and the Big Bite at Hobby Lobby while i was there so I picked those up too! I just love containers!! :)

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  1. My friend Shelly and I went to Archiver's in Omaha a few years ago. It was pretty sweet! (Love the picture of the inside of your purse... it cracks me up)


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