Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Please view this very touching and poignant slideshow from this website address: http://parentswish.com

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Magic Moments Event Calendar

An event calendar is a nifty calendar that celebrates events year after year! All you do is write a special day in one time and use it year after year! It's an awesome gift! Sheila Wilkerson originally designed this workshop, I altered it a tiny bit! Love my calendar!!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Magic Moments Thanksgiving Tradition Pages

X7101B Magic Moments Level 2 Paper Packet $12.95

Z1087 Sunflower Waxy Flax $3.95

Z2114 Cocoa Exclusive Inks $5.25

D1083 Believe Caps $22.95Y1007 2X11” My Acrylix Block $14.95

D1195 The Works Alphabet $22.95

D1312 November Word Puzzles $22.95

Z2130 Indian Corn Blue Exclusive Inks $5.25

Z294 Hollyhock My Accents $12.95

Z1122 Hollyhock Collection $7.95

Z814 Cocoa Collection $9.95

9029 Cherish $21.95

9030 Imagine $21.95

Z261 Double Scrubber$14.95

1514 Tombow Mono Adhesive $8.95

Z1279 Versa Mat $14.50

Z1114 Piercing Tool $5.95

Z534 Micro-Tip Scissors $9.95

1772 Glue Dots $7.50

Z1280 Expressives Font CD Vol. 1 $15.95

Z338 Euro Personal Paper Trimmer $29.95

Sunday, October 5, 2008

October 3 is my 17th year with Close to My Heart

I received this awesome card from Close to My Heart for my anniversary! Check out all the sewing! :)

Enchanted Layouts

Enchanted Tool Box

Halloween 2007, Pumpkin Patch

Good Times Background Paper, Black Brads, Black Bitty Brads, Citrus Leaf Cardstock, Hydrangea Cardstock, Dimensional Elements Alphabet, Dimensional Elements Bookplates, 3-d Foam Tape, Orange Cardstock.

Halloween 2006

Good Times Background and Texture Paper, Citrus Leaf Cardstock, Orange Cardstock, Black My Accents

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Card from Corporate

This card was made and sent to me by corporate LAST year on my 16th anniversary with Close To My Heart. I LOVE it! The cardstock colors used are Vineyard Berry, New England Ivy and Autumn Terracotta. They put matching organdy ribbon over the top of the cardstocks. Very beautiful!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Fall Card or Layout "Candy"

This "card candy" is made with Autumn Terracotta and New England Ivy, dimensional elements bookplate, autumn terracotta eyelets, and designer ribbon rounds, clear inspirations slides! It's all on an acetate sheet (you can use a transparency) and attached with glue dots, simply pull them off and use them! Wht a fun gift to include in a birthday card!

Here's My Mummy

To make the lines in your Close To My Heart cardstock, simply score the cardstock and sand lightly, you can create fun textures, pinstriping, etc. The beauty of a white core! Colors used are Hydrangea, Citrus Leaf. Eyes are black brads. Very simple fun Halloween greeting card!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Bahamas Cruise from Close To My Heart

I made these fun layouts of a cruise that I earned FREE from Close to My Heart These are my kids in the Bahamas having a blast. This is one of my all time favorite layouts. I crinkled the paper by balling it up over and over and then sponging over it to make the white/brown background. The page on the right is a 4 photo storage page from Close to My Heart. I simple made one of the photo storage pockets into a trifold accordian so that I could get more pictures on the page. I LOVE putting a ton of pictures on a page instead of making five or six layouts! Call me lazy! :)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Elegant Bouquet Accordian Album (6x6)

This is one of my favorite paper packets and usually I don't like flowers, but I decorated my office using this paper! I love Cranberry and Garden Green (Green is my favorite color and Red very close behind)....

This paper is going to be discontinued very soon, so order it while you can! :)

Accordian Picture Book

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Team Photo Scavenger Hunt

DISCLAIMER--It was RAINING, and it was the last day of stamp camp, many previous nights of NO SLEEP, so everyone was mad that we took so many pictures on this day--we definitely DO NOT look our best! But boy did we have fun!

Stamp Camp 2008

Team Photo Scavenger Hunt

Rules: Get as many of these photo op’s as you can in 15 minutes. A different person must take each picture, bonus points for getting the whole team in the picture (a stranger takes the picture). Earn points for creativity, the most photos from the list, being the quickest, most in focus (can I recognize everyone!). Have fun and Good Luck!

1. The whole team on one bed

2. The whole team with the person working the front desk.

3. The whole team “in” the pool

4. The whole team in/on a car

5. The whole team on a piece of workout equipment (same piece, same time)

6. The whole team wearing hats (may be borrowed from others or handmade)

7. The whole team eating (bonus, everyone is eating chocolate)

8. The whole team stamping

9. The whole team with a stranger wearing stamp camp colors

10. The whole team standing in front of the Embassy Suite Sign

Your done! Hurry back!

Guess what--OUR TEAM WON! ! YIPPEE!! I'm not sure we have recovered yet and the maid looks really scared of us, doesn't she? LOL!!

I don't have the photos of the other teams!

Mandy's Banana/Golf Ball Game

Mandy created a game to play during her movement break to get back at us for the spoon game three stamp camps ago. You hit a golf ball by swinging a banana. It's hard! Shawna was so excited to go home and teach her kids all the games she learned at Stamp Camp for Family Home Evening! LOL!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Stamp Camp Gifts

Every consultant attending stamp camp brings three wrapped, stamping-related gifts. Everyone takes home three gifts. For each gift you bring you get to put your name in a drawing. We draw the tickets throughout stamp camp. The prizes are awesome and creative and there were more, but somehow I didn't get pictures of all of them! One of my favorite parts of stamp camp is to see all the fun gifts!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Display Album class by Trish & Sue

Here are the display album class taught by Trish and Sue. Buffie pimped hers out to be a Prom album, pictured also is her finished album! Both albums use the Game On Level 2 Paper Packet and our new My Creations Display Albums!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Mandy's Interactive Scrapbook Pages

Mandy made an entire album full of interactive scrapbook pages that flip, turn, slide, and pull. These layouts use the Good Times Level 2 Paper Packet. It was awesome! We got to make two of her interactive pages at stamp camp. Shawna was scared to "dismember" a page protector, but by the time we were done, she was weilding her cutting knife like a pro and ready to slice away at her page protectors! It is so fun, once you get past it! Cutting page protectors makes your album able to hold MORE photos! :)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Rachel's Class and Demo

I really appreciate Rachel as a brand new consultant to brave presenting her idea book tour in front of all of 17 of the rest of the consultants! She signed up in January and already has 7 first line team members! Rachel also taught the memory box class--got to love those boxes! They are so fun, Rachel went with a pirate theme! She also made a cool display using a 9x9 accordian showcase album featuring our new notebook papers! THANKS Rachel!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

More Village People that Flew in to Vegas to help!

Here are team members Shawna, Keri, & Jasmin helping me finish up getting ready for stamp camp!

Progressive Pages Game at Stamp Camp

This game was sent to me by Sheila Wilkerson! You rock Sheila!

1 minute to choose a background paper (put your name on the back and pass it to the right)
3 mins. to make one photo mat for a 4x6 photo (pass it to the right)
4 mins. to make photo mats for at least two additional photos (more if you want) (pass to the right)
3 mins. to add space for journaling, stamping, hand drawn lines (pass to the right)
4 mins. to add at least 3 embellishments (pass back to person with the name on the back)

We used the Good Times Level 2 paper pack and coordinating embellishments! Can you believe how different the pages turned out? WOW!! Each participant got to take home her page! :)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

MORE Village People

Here is one more helper to add to the list of people that helped me get ready for Stamp Camp!!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Awesome Scrapbooking Bag

One of my team members gave me this AWESOME, incredible bag at convention! It is very large and roomie and has LOTS Of fun pockets! THANKS Cheryl Wallin!

Bigger than life paper clips

Here are some fun paper clips! Office Max gave these to Teachers in our back to school bags, I had to decorate them to match my file folders with cardstock from the Level 2 Good Times paper pack, Just Blooms flowers, and Bigger brads!

Back to School

An idea for back to school, customize your folders to match your office or classroom! Here are my file folders using Good Times Paper pack! I love them!

Fun chocolate nugget idea

Michelle Loader shared this idea with me when she gave me the Giggles and Grins Nugget box at convention, isn't it cute? It uses the Giggles and Grins Paper and bulk cranberry ribbon.

Ryan wanted me to take a picture of ALL of the boxes he helped me with.... He put the labels on 72 nuggets, put them in the boxes, and cut the bulk cocoa grosgrain ribbon for me to tie on top. I also used the mini medley flowers and chocolate brads.

One bag of nuggets makes about 8 nugget boxes (four in each box). Each box needs 14" of ribon.

More Village People

This is my second grader (school starts tomorrow), he is hard at work helping me get ready for stamp camp. Of course, he is, it involves CHOCOLATE!! :)

Fun gifts

These are very fun pampering gifts for a friend!

Jars $1.00 at Michael's
I used buttercup ink to color the dimensional flower elements by Close To My Heart. Then I added sweet leaf organdy ribbon and sweet leaf designer ribbon round gingham ribbon to the center of a brown button and used a glue dot to attach the flower onto the glass and the button to the center of the flower.

Then I added white tea body soak salts (Village Naturals Bath Shoppe) (albertsons, $3.99, two bottles filled 7 of these jars) and topped the salt off with these fun flowers, they were a little pricey but they were the perfect color so I had to have them to top off the salt and what a fun addition to your bath! (Organic Bath Company, Buttle Bath Petals, Honey Chai, $9.99, I topped off all 7 jars and had some left over!)

It takes a village

Have you ever heard the saying, it takes a village to raise a child? Well, it takes a village to get Kim ready for Stamp Camp! Here is part of my village! LOL!! No one can walk into my office without being drafted to help!

Friday, August 22, 2008

How Cute!

Both of these cute projects used "Let's Get Together" paper, "Delight In Everything" stamp set, and "Garden Green" ribbon collection! I hope you enjoy them.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Designer Ribbon Round Flip Flops

Who knows the models?

Rough and Tumble Paper, 3x3 cards

Flying High Stamp Set

Flying High Stamp Set

Flying High Stamp Set

Monday, August 18, 2008

Convention Album Contest Finalists

I took pictures mainly of the details that I liked and Kelly English-Triggs and Nona Davenport's albums because they were my favorites. Kelly and Nona were in the top three, they won fabulous prizes!! Congratulations!

Jean Buhl's Acrylic Album

Jean made this acrlyic album at convention using Evensong! Isn't it lovely! WAHOO! JEAN!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Make it Great!

This artwork was done by awesome consultants at the Close To My Heart convention. I will post their names as soon as I find my convention workbook...... I love the way they show you a GOOD project and then show you how to make it GREAT using Close To My Heart products! This was one of my favorite booths!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My favorite Christian Comedian!

At our National Convention the comedian at the closing banquet was Anita Renfroe. She was SO funny, LOVE her! Check out her website, and her myspace for some of her videos!! http://www.anitarenfroe.com/

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Boomdiada Layout

Created by Jennifer McGuire, adapted and made by Kimberly Wiltse using Boomdiada Level 2 Paper Kit, Colored Pencils, Buttercup, Olive, and Hollyhock Exclusive Ink Stamp Pads, Autumn Buttons, Cottage Floral Stamp Set

Materials used:

X7095C Boom-Di-Ada Level 2 My Stickease Assortment

X7095B Boom-Di-Ada Level 2 Paper Packet

C1308 Be True

B1306 Cottage Floral

Z2128 Hollyhock Exclusive Inks

Z2110 Buttercup Exclusive Inks

Z2137 Olive Exclusive Inks

Z1052 Ricrac Collection

Z1283 Autumn Craft Buttons

Z261 Double Scrubber

1778 My Acrylix Spritz Cleaner

Coloring Pencils

Z1279 VersaMat

Z534 Micro-Tip Scissors

1514 Tombow Mono Adhesive

Z268 3-D Foam Squares

Z338 Euro Personal Paper Trimmer

¾” circle punch

1” circle punch

1 ¼” circle punch

1 ½” circle punch

1 ¾” circle punch

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Things We Love

This is a 6x6 accordian showcase album that Close to My Heart made for each Executive Director! What a fun surprise to see "yearbook" comments in a personalized album created especially for me! My album showcases the BoomDiAda paper packet (and green is my favorite color). I LOVE IT!!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Simple Pleasures Magentic Board

Jill Williams made one of these magnetic boards at my house as a gift! Love this paper!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Megnetic Board & Magnets!

Magnetic board I made inspired by Trish Leahy (the awesome!) It stands up by itself on my desk!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Silhouette Cards

Silhouette card! I think these are by Janet Stamper Holland! I like this new fancy fold!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Scripture Tote using Serendipity

I just had to share my fourteen year old daughter's scripture tote she made using my serendipity papers. It turned out SO cute!! She did an asweome job!!
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